Tuesday, November 20, 2012

wear: goldsign

found a blank wall and a spot of sunshine the other day. 
fortunately, the latter hasn't been too hard to come by this winter. whether it's global warming or the grace of god, i welcome the warmth and don't dare question its origin. 

this gold-painted sweater seemed fitting for the sunshine and its purchase was actually inspired by this sunny hair-color i've been sporting lately. i got it touched up today so all the blue bits are gone. it's now so white, you could probably call me betty.

jacket//jones new york


  1. This outfit is beautiful!

  2. Look at that beautiful smile... gorgeous.

  3. how cute are you? what a fun little tues night out we had last night!


  4. come back soon...?

  5. All your outfits are so cute! & do-able... is that a word? ;) Thanks for sharing!!!

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  8. I love and miss your fashion posts!!! ALthough I love keeping up with you (and quinn & piper) on instagram!
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  10. please come back soon! we miss you!


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  16. She is very beautiful. i loved her :)

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