Tuesday, October 23, 2012


last week i saw a post from salon w on facebook requesting models for a photo/video shoot. 
they needed responses right away and were asking for people who were open to change.  after chopping it off this summer, i sort of let go of my hair. 
i had spent years growing it out and it was nice to not feel so connected to it after all that time. 
so when i saw the post i thought, i could do that. 
i showed up for the shoot and had no idea what i was in for and honestly, when katie jo first described her vision, i was a little freaked out.
i figured, this would probably be the only time in my life that i would do something like this, so might as well go for it. (not to mention, they poured me a couple glasses of wine...)
watching her work was amazing. i don't know a lot about hair or the industry, but seeing katie jo (and the rest of the salon w team) work together to pull off this shoot in less than 48 hours was pretty incredible. though i may have ended up with an unconventional hairstyle (and have to brace myself for the occasional stare), i feel honored that i got to be a part of this experience. i was in awe watching the cutters, colorists, stylists, makeup artists, photographers and videographers in their element. it was inspiring. 

it's been a few days (and one wash) since the shoot. the blue has dulled a bit (and will continue to fade over the next week or so) and i'm getting used to the double-takes. it's in my nature to be a little insecure. for example: today i was the teacher's helper in quinn's class & felt like i needed to ask every 4 year old if they liked my blue hair. but! this honestly makes me feel a little more brave. it's strange how something as superficial as a little color and cut can affect how you feel, but it does! 

it's hard to know how to dress. 
i'm drawn to basics and neutrals, but i'm sure i'll begin to branch out as i feel more and more comfortable with this new 'do. for the past three days it's been black & gray. who knows? i may go wild and add some olive green tomorrow. stay tuned.

long-sleeved tee//forever 21
gray v-neck//old navy
leather-patch leggings//velvet via aimee

Thursday, October 04, 2012

wear: in which i attempt to take pictures in the presence of my pup.

i started out by the tree and she came to see what was up...
 then she got distracted by a stick, so i moved closer to the house in hopes of ditching her...
 that didn't work, so i threw the ball for her and moved even closer to the house...

but she found me.

necklace//j.crew outlet