Thursday, August 23, 2012

wear: you know what they say...

a little goes a long way. 
especially when it comes to showing skin. i opted for a sliver of midriff the other day and (fingers-crossed) it followed suit. i think, since the outfit itself was somewhat demure, showing a teeny bit of skin wasn't too much.

shirt & skirt/j.crew//watch/timex//sandals/saltwater

in other news...
there have been lots of big changes in our house lately! piper started kindergarten this week (read about that here) and quinn will be starting preschool next week as well! plus, i signed up for 2 classes at our local community college and i start on monday! i'm a little nervous about being back in the classroom (it's been 6 years since i was in college), but i know i'm ready. my goal is to have my bachelor's degree by 30. i'm gonna do it!*

*in case you're wondering--i stopped going to school in '06 when we moved to colorado and piper unexpectedly came along. the "break" lasted a little longer than i anticipated, but i've always wanted to go back and finish one day. that day has finally come!

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

wear: three weeks?!!!

whoa. it's been forever since i've blogged. we have been crazy-busy for the past month or so. if you're into instagram, twitter, or facebook, you probably have a better idea of what we've been up to. i'll try to catch up here, but we'll see. i'm honestly ready for summer to be over, though i suppose it's unrealistic to think that a seasonal change will effect a lifestyle change. (a different post for a different day.)

anyway, here's a quick outfit post. sort of like the dove that noah sent out from the ark. is anyone out there? (not sure if that's an accurate metaphor but, let's just go with it.)

this outfit is an example of how a single accessory can inspire an entire outfit. i may not have thought to put mint, mustard, and gray together were it not for this necklace to tie them all together. (though, i think j.crew did mint and mustard about 4 years ago...)
somehow, it just works. least i think it does. 

t-shirt//old navy
shorts//old navy