Tuesday, July 17, 2012


do you ever play dress-up in your own closet? before i had kids i used to do it all the time. i'd spend an hour or so coming up with different combinations of things i already owned. i haven't done it as much in recent years, but i think it actually saves time to create a queue of outfits to pull from. so many times (or...everyday) i rush to get out the door and end up wasting a bunch of time (and making a huge mess) trying on 5 different things before i settle on something. way better to do the "work" when you're not rushed and when there's no pressure to come up with an outfit for that very moment. 

this week i have a few different things to get dressed for, so i spent a little time trying on outfits while simultaneously cleaning my closet. (my parents are coming this week-- time to clean.) now i have five different outfits hanging in my closet, ready to wear!

you should give it a try.
warning: the above picture contains not a strand of clean hair nor a stitch of makeup. woof.


  1. awesome looks!


  2. i do the same thing!! very cute outfits!!

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