Wednesday, July 11, 2012

wear: last-minute.

this past weekend, seth's cousin got married. (more on that in a later post...) we've known about their wedding for almost a year now but, for some reason, i waited until the day before to find something to wear. 

i had an errand to run in the east village, so i stopped by hill vintage to see if my friend jessica had anything i could wear. she pulled several dresses for me, but there was one that fit like a glove (albeit, a snug-fitting glove) & seemed like something i could wear on several different occasions. 

in my opinion, one of the best things about hill vintage is that they have an on-site seamstress who can alter your purchases. if you're familiar with vintage clothes, you know a lot of the gems you find need a little tweaking here & there. i needed about a foot taken off the hem and it was so convenient to not have to take it to a separate tailor. i walked around east village for less than an hour before jessica called to say my dress was ready!*
dress//hill vintage & knits
sandals//tj maxx
bracelets//j.crew & jessica fox

*note: the alterations were simple and they knew i needed the dress by the next day. please don't assume they do all alterations in under an hour, but they're still fast!

if you're not local, check out the hill vintage etsy shop!


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