Thursday, July 05, 2012

i almost got rid of this shirt.

it's a little bit big, the cut isn't great, and the collar doesn't stay popped when i want it to. (there's a time and a place for a popped-collar.) but yesterday i saw its potential when given a summery spin, tied in a flirty little knot. 
however, it better start earning its keep around here. 
i can't justify the closet space for a one-hit wonder. 
bracelets//forever 21/j.crew
flats//tory burch


  1. i love love love this outfit! i wish i could find that skirt or one like it! so cute.

    happy day to you, b!

  2. that skirt is awesome, and i need to know if it was a recent purchase or not so i can stalk my target and find it! it's so stinkin cute! what am i sayin', it's you who are cute! love this look on you girlie!

    1. thanks, linda! it's actually a few years old. :( i'm sorry! i even bought it in two colors when it came out!

  3. i am in love with this outfit!! that skirt is SOOO cute!

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