Thursday, June 21, 2012


i've actually been surprised by the versatility of this haircut. spiky, smooth, faux-hawk, bed-head, head bands, scarves...i feel like it adds a lot more personality to my look than my previous hair, which spent a lot of time under hats or up in buns. today i went for a bit of androgyny to complement the menswear vibe of a buttoned-up button-up and oxfords. 
funny thing is, i have no plans but to work from home today. but actually getting dressed and "going to work" (the dining room) seems to help maintain motivation and minimize distraction. 

don't mind the mess. we had a wild storm last night and our back yard and patio are a wreck.

jeans//paige via gilt


  1. looooove. girl, you're making me want short hair again! so good.

  2. I started growing my pixie out a couple of months ago (it's still quite short) but you're making me want to keep it short!! That was gutsy of you to go from so long to so short, it works well for you.

  3. You can make just about anything look fabulous!

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