Friday, June 22, 2012


last weekend was (as most are), jam-packed with activity. my parents were up from tennessee so my sisters and i spent friday at the mall with my mom. after that, we had a bunch of friends over to grill out for the evening. i was so tired from the week--i bailed on the party early and sacked out on our couch! the next day we had a birthday party for my nephew, tickets to the iowa craft brew fest and then vip passes to the accidental industry fashion show! it was a busy, but really fun, day.
i wore one of my favorite summer dresses for the beer fest. plenty of room to consume. 
necklace//american eagle
sandals//jeffrey campbell via dsw

 joseph accidentally knocked seth's sample glass to the ground.  #partyfoul. 
luckily, it survived. 

 it started pouring rain so everyone took shelter under meredith's poncho.

after a while, we decided we'd had enough rain-soaked beer-sampling, so we headed home to get cleaned up for our next event. the sky cleared and we had perfect weather for the outdoor fashion show. 
we got cleaned up and met at joey's place before walking over to to the show. joey even had his picture snapped by the dsm style hunter. i was insanely jealous. 
i wore...
bracelets//j.crew, f21, jessica fox

 i borrowed this picture (above) from my friend's blog, pitter patter clunk. it cracked me up how joey, jen & i were all on our phones. likely instagramming. (don't worry, the show hadn't started yet.) you should check marissa's site for more (and better quality) pictures of the show. plus, her blog is adorable so you should check it out anyway. 

i was really impressed by the show. the designers were all local and had really beautiful work. i can't wait to see the professional pictures!


  1. Seriously obsessed with your new hair cut & color. I wish I could pull that off! And your outfit to the fashion show was fabulous!

  2. I agree with Chelsea...YOUR HAIR!!! are looking FIERCE!!!

  3. And what is the label on that stinkin' adorable dress from aimee? I'm sure you bought it a while ago and she probably doesn't have anymore! L-O-V-E!

  4. thanks for the internet love, love!

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