Monday, May 07, 2012

spotted: not pregnant.

i've started to notice that i feel incomplete when not wearing leopard print in some form. it just goes with everything! and, call me dotty, but i now consider it a neutral. fortunately, my wallet is leopard print so even on the days i must forego the printed clothing, shoes or accessories, i always have it nearby. 
you know, in case i get the shakes. 
necklace//von maur
dress//theory via worn
sunglasses//ray ban
*despite how these photos might appear, i'm actually not pregnant. 

nor do i want to be.

ever. again.


  1. in the first picture you look about this [ ] big. no way anyone would ever think you are pregs.

  2. You know, I used to think I "looked" pregnant in all kinds of outfits. Now that I'm actually pregnant I laugh at myself thinking that when I wasn't since it's SO obvious now, haha.

  3. hilarious. leopard is totally a neutral!


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