Tuesday, May 01, 2012

i wear the weather on my sleeve.

let's be midwestern and talk about the weather, shall we? we can talk about how dreary it's been lately and how ready for summer we are and how no amount of coffee is going to get us through this day. 
the ladies can discuss how we want to wear our little sundresses and sandals and the gents can talk about...well, i don't think there are many men here anyway so you can just listen to the ladies talk about clothes. unless, of course, you want to talk sundresses.
fortunately for you, men, there isn't much to say about this outfit. i wore it to work. i haven't worn this jacket in probably a year or more*, but it was cool and drizzly (more weather chat, thisblogisamazing) and i kind of like how the cognac color of the jacket paired with navy and made the orange necklace pop. i think the color is a little distorted in these pictures because the jacket almost looks mustard yellow but it's really not. blah, i'm bored. are you? let's talk about the weather again. 
i hear there's a blizzard coming.
*luckily i don't always follow that rule about ridding your closet of those scarcely-worn items...

other post-scripts: 
1. i need to get my hair colored. like, today. 
2. did you notice my faux-hem on these pants? hate to pay $10 to tailor $13 pants...
3. i cut another few inches off my hair. have we discussed this? sometimes i really miss my long hair and it makes my heart ache, but then i feel disgusted with myself. hair should not a heartache make. 
4. i can never decide what size font to use? the above is "large" which kind of freaks me out, i'm not sure i'm a "large font" kind of girl. but this is "normal" and it seems small. what say you?


  1. Cute!! You know how many times I've passed by that necklace wondering if I should buy it?? Now I wish I had!

    I love love love your hair!

  2. You look super cute. I love your new hair cut, very nice look on you :)


  3. Bethany, you have great makeup. You should walk us through/share with us your routine and favorite products!

  4. i have the same font debate. and i love your hair cut...wish i could do the same but i'm a scaredy cat.


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