Thursday, May 31, 2012

easy does it.

how's that for an entrance? dust-bunnies be damned! 
i have much to discuss. it's been 16 days since my last post! there have been trips and tattoos and weddings and new jobs!

 i feel like i'm beginning this post like a confession:
"forgive me readers, for i have sinned. it has been a fortnight* since my last blog."** 

along with the fun things i want to blog about, i'd also like to share a little about why the posting has been so scarce lately. the past year has been challenging in many ways and i've had a hard time writing because i'm not sure how to be authentic here while still maintaining the privacy and trust of my family. i think this is an issue a lot of bloggers face, and i want to try & figure it out. it might come in the form of a long, rambling post; but fingers-crossed, we'll get some questions answered and we can all be happy and stop worrying about each other.***

to reacquaint ourselves, let's ease back into things with a simple outfit post...
today it was rainy and i had a meeting at my new job. (yayjob!) i didn't want to wear jeans but i still wanted to feel somewhat casual. this outfit was the solution...
if you've been with me for a while, you probably know this outfit is basically a compilation of my security blankets. 
army green+leopard print+heather gray+chunky necklace=i feel safe. 
aaaaand i might start sucking my thumb.
jacket//forever 21
pins (on jacket)//j.crew
t-shirt//old navy
shoes//tj maxx
necklace//forever 21
*is that a fortnight? i wish abe lincoln were here, he would totally know. 
**i have never actually gone to "confession" like in the movies. this is verified by the fact that i just said, "like in the movies." 
***i didn't realize you were worried, but my sister let me know in a very sweet and sisterly way. she's my big sis and she has my back. thank-you for your concern, as i hope and assume your queries come from a place of love and genuine care. 

p.s. this post was written to a soundtrack of birdy. i slow-danced in my seat and thought it sounded really good when we sang "skinny love" together. you should give her a listen.


  1. I was just thinkin' I was missing you... I'm keeping up with you on Insta... so I've had my fix. But I do hope you are doing well lady!

  2. Also I love this outfit.

    Also also, dish on that job why don't ya!?!?

  3. haha, thumb sucking..yes. I hear you. hope your new job is going great- you look the part! and also..did you actually get a tattoo?? heh.

  4. Glad you're back! Life gets busy and complicated for all of us, and sometimes things like blogging have to take a backseat...thanks for making me feel normal in that way! Sending prayers for you and your family :)

  5. Don't stay away too long! We want to hear about your new job! :)


  6. thumbs up. is it creepy if i say that im glad i still get to see whats happening on fb and instagram?


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