Wednesday, April 04, 2012

wear: put a bird on it.

one of the pros and cons of having this new job is that (pro) i have an excuse to wear nicer clothes on a regular basis but (con) i'm usually rushing out the door to make it there on time and don't have the opportunity to take outfit pictures. 

yesterday, when i was leaving, seth happened to be working outside so i had him quickly snap a couple pictures. these were literally taken as i was walking to my car. not exactly the best quality, but better than nothing, right? 

another pro to this job is the discount i receive on food! joey and i had dinner when i got off work and we shared a salmon entree, a side of truffled mac & cheese with shrimp plus a $30 bottle of wine and our pre-tip total was $22. amazing! and delicious. the con? tough on the waistline.

blouse: old navy
arrow necklace: stella & dot
chain necklace: f21
belt: j.crew
pants: forever 21
flats: steve madden


  1. Good thing you're doing Kosama to balance out the extra calories! Sounds like a win-win to me! :)


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