Monday, April 30, 2012

running in the rain.

on friday i registered for the dam to dam
i was really nervous to commit because it's been months since my last "real" run. i've been doing kosama for the past seven weeks, so i'm not in bad shape, but that's definitely a different type of training. 

last year i was very diligent with my training schedule, starting months in advance and following it almost exactly. with only four weeks until the race, i felt sure i was in for a month of hell. my best buddy, joey, has been training for the race as well and i agreed to do a long run with him yesterday. he wanted to go 8 miles but i figured there was no way i could. the last time i ran i only went about 4.5 and that was enough for me. (granted, it was about 28 degrees that day...) i tried to talk him into just doing 6, but if you know joey, you know he is pleasantly stubborn. that is, stubborn with a smile.  

when we met up it was cold, windy and spitting rain. we took our sweet time getting ready to go and stretching out, both hoping the other would suggest bailing. eventually we just decided to go for it, bribing ourselves with a cold beer at the end. we took off, the rain picked up and we got pretty soaked. we kept a leisurely ten-minute pace and ran from east village, down mlk to gray's lake, around gray's, through downtown, and back through the village. we both felt great almost the entire time and were surprised at how enjoyable it was to run in the rain. later i mapped it and we ended up with 8.55 miles and a healthy dose of hubris at our bad-assery. 

we finished our run at the beechwood, downed a cold beer and then met up with family & friends for a hot meal and a soak in the hot tub. it was a really enjoyable (and stress-relieving) way to spend a dreary sunday afternoon. and certainly more beneficial than my usual doze-y date with the dvr.

joey immediately accessorized following our run.

last year i wrote a post on becoming a runner and my experience with the dam to dam. it inspired me when i re-read it (and reeeeally made me miss my dad), so i thought you might be interested in it, too. you can find it here.


  1. Wow, this means I have been following you for about a year because that was one of the first posts of yours that I ever saw.

    Good luck!

  2. You inspire me to want to get off my butt and do a run. Congrats on doing even when it was raining! I bet that beer tasted great once you were done :)

  3. Awesome for you! I just joined a Run Club at work and I huff it out at only 1 mile! I'm tryin tho and you've provided some spring inspiration! If only there was a beer at the end of my runs!! :)

  4. I've been a follower of yours for a while, but have never commented. I would love to hear about your favorite running gear! Congrats on 8+ miles!! Love your blog!

  5. Since I'm at a keyboard a long way away I can say I'm proud, envious of your new training buddy and sad that I don't get to pound the pavement with you. Hopefully you'll get a better t-shirt this year!

  6. Kosama question - Now that you are at the end of the road...would you recommend the program?

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