Monday, April 23, 2012

an event & an evolution.

image taken from here. click the link for more pics of the event.

i recently attended badowers spring launch event. 
it had a similar vibe to their fall launch; great dj, food, drinks (including the ever-coveted, iowa favorite, templeton rye) and a stylish crowd. even though badowers is a men's store, i'm always inspired when i step foot inside. lately i've been thinking of paring down my wardrobe. and by paring down i really mean a major purge is about to occur. (want to buy my stuff?) 
a friend of mine has great taste and a well-edited wardrobe. he buys high quality clothing and shoes, but everything he owns seems to serve a purpose and fit seamlessly with the rest.  
i'm making a resolution: buy less, buy smarter, buy better. feel free to hold me accountable with guilt-inducing comments whenever you see "target" or "forever 21" pop up in the outfit posts. cheap clothing is like a quick fix for an addict. in the mood to shop without the cash flow? $100 can buy you an entire outfit (accessories and all) at forever 21 or a single sweater at j.crew. (sales excluded.) but cheap clothes are disposable. i didn't care that joey spilled yellow food coloring on my $13 forever 21 skirt the first time i wore it because, "it's just forever 21." had i paid more for it i would have strangled him!  just kidding, jo-jo. and luckily, the stain came out.  buying quality clothing also reduces the risk of the impulse-buy. it's a lot easier to drop $20-$30 without thinking twice (or to add a shirt to your "grocery" cart at target), but i don't know anyone who throws down a hundred dollar bill without batting an eyelash or even, several eyelashes. anyway, here's to paring back and making progress.  
buy less, buy smarter, buy better.

and with that, here are some terrible iPhone pictures of what i wore to badowers...
not only are they iPhone pictures, they're terrible, should-not-even-be-posted iPhone pictures. so sorry.

joey and i tend to think alike...
striped blazer//forever 21
star top//aimee
 black pants//gap
flats//steve madden
bracelets//j.crew, f21


  1. I have been thinking the same thing about my wardrobe! Buying better quality items will also last a lot longer, as well (for example...the hems on my Target t's are a mess BUT the hems on my LOFT t's are perfectly in tact). I think it's a awesome idea and you are definitely not alone in wanting to pair down your closet.

  2. I was driving through the Merle Hay & 62nd intersection yesterday (where I always think about you) and thought, "i wonder if bethany wants to sell me some of her old clothes?" Seriously. So make a 'sell' pile and i'll come look!

  3. This is my exact policy when it comes to clothes. If I can't wear it on my bike/work/random special event, then I don't buy it:)

  4. Yes! I want to buy your clothes!!

  5. yes, I want to buy your clothes!!!

  6. So, SO true... and I think it's a lesson that comes with age. I too have been trying to move more away from the flash in the pan trends and more to pieces that I know I love and will love forever. I have found that when I do invest in great pieces from J.Crew or even Gap over Old Navy (especially with jeans) that I never regret spending the extra money for pieces that I love more and fit me better.

  7. I would totally buy some of your stuff! I'm going to Vegas in a couple weeks and would love some new, super cute items!

  8. Yeah, I'm assuming family gets first dibs, right?

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