Monday, April 30, 2012

running in the rain.

on friday i registered for the dam to dam
i was really nervous to commit because it's been months since my last "real" run. i've been doing kosama for the past seven weeks, so i'm not in bad shape, but that's definitely a different type of training. 

last year i was very diligent with my training schedule, starting months in advance and following it almost exactly. with only four weeks until the race, i felt sure i was in for a month of hell. my best buddy, joey, has been training for the race as well and i agreed to do a long run with him yesterday. he wanted to go 8 miles but i figured there was no way i could. the last time i ran i only went about 4.5 and that was enough for me. (granted, it was about 28 degrees that day...) i tried to talk him into just doing 6, but if you know joey, you know he is pleasantly stubborn. that is, stubborn with a smile.  

when we met up it was cold, windy and spitting rain. we took our sweet time getting ready to go and stretching out, both hoping the other would suggest bailing. eventually we just decided to go for it, bribing ourselves with a cold beer at the end. we took off, the rain picked up and we got pretty soaked. we kept a leisurely ten-minute pace and ran from east village, down mlk to gray's lake, around gray's, through downtown, and back through the village. we both felt great almost the entire time and were surprised at how enjoyable it was to run in the rain. later i mapped it and we ended up with 8.55 miles and a healthy dose of hubris at our bad-assery. 

we finished our run at the beechwood, downed a cold beer and then met up with family & friends for a hot meal and a soak in the hot tub. it was a really enjoyable (and stress-relieving) way to spend a dreary sunday afternoon. and certainly more beneficial than my usual doze-y date with the dvr.

joey immediately accessorized following our run.

last year i wrote a post on becoming a runner and my experience with the dam to dam. it inspired me when i re-read it (and reeeeally made me miss my dad), so i thought you might be interested in it, too. you can find it here.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


last weekend we had a night off--no work, no kids. 
we had dinner here
met up with friends for some booty-shakin' here
and spent the night here
this is what i wore...
jacket//forever 21
necklace//forever 21
dress//old navy

seth took off in the morning so i ordered room service, stayed in bed and dozed til after 11. it was glorious.

*whoooey that's a lot of cheap clothing considering my last post. :/

Monday, April 23, 2012

an event & an evolution.

image taken from here. click the link for more pics of the event.

i recently attended badowers spring launch event. 
it had a similar vibe to their fall launch; great dj, food, drinks (including the ever-coveted, iowa favorite, templeton rye) and a stylish crowd. even though badowers is a men's store, i'm always inspired when i step foot inside. lately i've been thinking of paring down my wardrobe. and by paring down i really mean a major purge is about to occur. (want to buy my stuff?) 
a friend of mine has great taste and a well-edited wardrobe. he buys high quality clothing and shoes, but everything he owns seems to serve a purpose and fit seamlessly with the rest.  
i'm making a resolution: buy less, buy smarter, buy better. feel free to hold me accountable with guilt-inducing comments whenever you see "target" or "forever 21" pop up in the outfit posts. cheap clothing is like a quick fix for an addict. in the mood to shop without the cash flow? $100 can buy you an entire outfit (accessories and all) at forever 21 or a single sweater at j.crew. (sales excluded.) but cheap clothes are disposable. i didn't care that joey spilled yellow food coloring on my $13 forever 21 skirt the first time i wore it because, "it's just forever 21." had i paid more for it i would have strangled him!  just kidding, jo-jo. and luckily, the stain came out.  buying quality clothing also reduces the risk of the impulse-buy. it's a lot easier to drop $20-$30 without thinking twice (or to add a shirt to your "grocery" cart at target), but i don't know anyone who throws down a hundred dollar bill without batting an eyelash or even, several eyelashes. anyway, here's to paring back and making progress.  
buy less, buy smarter, buy better.

and with that, here are some terrible iPhone pictures of what i wore to badowers...
not only are they iPhone pictures, they're terrible, should-not-even-be-posted iPhone pictures. so sorry.

joey and i tend to think alike...
striped blazer//forever 21
star top//aimee
 black pants//gap
flats//steve madden
bracelets//j.crew, f21

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

les petites victoires.

hat: anthropologie, $14
sweater: gap (old)
t-shirt: j.crew, $10
jeans: paige, $60 (via hautelook)
flats: steve madden (old)
belt: j.crew
i'll consider this post a small victory since it's been a week and a half since i've blogged anything. a wicked chest cold, busy life and some personal challenges...yadda, yadda, yadda. i think i'm a little burned out, so a break has been good. but it definitely feels like a chunk of my life is missing when i haven't read or written anything in so long. all that to say--i'm still here. 


Monday, April 09, 2012

wear: work edition. plus, a hair cut.

here's another installment of: 
B Runs out of the House for Work and Demands Seth Take 5 Amazing Photos in Less Than Ten Seconds. 
unfortunately, amazing photos don't happen in 10 seconds, but here are a couple that don't make me cringe. 

let's be honest: amazing photos never happen on this blog but...whatever. 
that's not why you're here, is it?
cardigan: j.crew, $20
tank: forever 21, $8
skirt: forever 21, $13
necklace: forever 21, $8
flats: gap, $7
cocktail ring: j.crew $12

in other news, i cut like 8 inches off of my hair. it was sort of quick decision, but i'm glad i did it. because i'm so short, i felt like my long hair was starting to take over my body, not to mention my time. plus, the ends had gotten pretty gnarly from all that styling. it feels full and healthy now but it's really strange not having hair all the way down my back. it's like i'm having phantom pains. i keep reaching for it and it's not there!
quinn was very distraught by this change and burst into tears the first time she saw my short hair. all day she kept peering over at me with a suspicious look on her face until she finally brought me a hat to wear. ha! by the next day she had gotten used to it and we're on good terms again. i'm actually toying with going a little shorter (like this gal), but i'll wait until quinn has fully recovered from the trauma of this cut.

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

wear: put a bird on it.

one of the pros and cons of having this new job is that (pro) i have an excuse to wear nicer clothes on a regular basis but (con) i'm usually rushing out the door to make it there on time and don't have the opportunity to take outfit pictures. 

yesterday, when i was leaving, seth happened to be working outside so i had him quickly snap a couple pictures. these were literally taken as i was walking to my car. not exactly the best quality, but better than nothing, right? 

another pro to this job is the discount i receive on food! joey and i had dinner when i got off work and we shared a salmon entree, a side of truffled mac & cheese with shrimp plus a $30 bottle of wine and our pre-tip total was $22. amazing! and delicious. the con? tough on the waistline.

blouse: old navy
arrow necklace: stella & dot
chain necklace: f21
belt: j.crew
pants: forever 21
flats: steve madden