Wednesday, March 14, 2012


today i set out to wear something entirely different than what i ended up in . i wanted to wear bright colors and maybe a skirt (cause, duh, it was almost 80-degrees today), but after a few unsuccessful outfit attempts, i got annoyed with my closet and fired her. we made up when she gently reminded me that her clothing levels really weren't up to par because i have at least 3 loads of laundry to do. my bad, girlfriend. 

anyway, i haven't worn this shirt in at least a year and i rarely wear these pants. today they came together for a perfectly average, errand-running outfit. 
t-shirt: threads 4 thought
belt: talbot's
cords: j. crew
flats: gap


  1. Nicely done - isn't it a great feeling to discover a new outfit in your closet that you didn't realize was there? Sometimes it is a good thing that our clothes are in the laundry basket!

  2. I ended up in similar jeans & tee though I was aiming for cute spring skirts - sometimes it's hard to get dressed when the season suddenly changes. And sometimes I just need to enjoy a simple (though still put-together - love the details on yours like the shirt embellishment and pretty colors) outfit for running errands and reveling in just being coat-less...

  3. You look lovely! I love those bracelets!

  4. You couldn't look average if you tried.

  5. Hey Bethany!
    My boyfriend and I are visiting the rents in April and since you make des Moines look so cool I'm wondering if you could do a "36 hours in des Moines" edition. My best ideas have stopped at the mile and the lift.

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