Monday, March 12, 2012


i woke up at 5:45 this morning for my first day of kosama. i was really nervous i would oversleep so i kept waking up throughout the night, checking the time, relieved to see i had five more hours to sleep, then three, then two, and so on. class was super-tough, but at the same time, really good. i was paired up with a gal that has a long journey of weight loss ahead and she was inspiring to me throughout the hour-long kick-boxing class. we encouraged each other ("only 20 more minutes!" et cetera) and gave a weak, exhausted high-five at the end. it may sound cheesy, but it really helps to have someone tell you to keep going, that you're doing great.

that has nothing to do with this outfit, other than i'm slightly exhausted and having a hard time formulating words to accompany this post. here are some thoughts that i couldn't seem to connect into a full paragraph...

1. this was a day i didn't have time for hair or makeup. instead of taking the sloppiness even further by staying in sweats, i decided to get dressed & hopefully distract from my nappy hair and sleepy eyes. 
2. this sweater was a shopping miracle. i got it for $9 from j.crew when someone returned it a long time after it was in stores. (i was working there at the time.) it has the map of italy on it & is just really unique. one of those items i'll probably hold onto for my girls. 
3. i really love these jeans but i feel like they make me look like i have a saggy diaper on. is there a boyfriend jean out there that is still somewhat fitted in the tush? 
4. that is all. it's only 10:15 & i'm ready for a nap. i'm definitely going to have to start going to bed earlier if i'm going to keep this up.


  1. You look adorable! I so so so love the color combo you've got going on. And those jeans are the coolest!

    Would you tell me, is that wool cowl itch at all? I want to order one, but I am so extremely sensitive to any kind of itchy wool. Thank you!

    1. thanks, kristen! i think, if you're sensitive to wool, this may be a little itchy for you, BUT caitlin can use synthetic blends that don't itch! just send her a message and i'm sure she can give you more info. (i would totally order one. i'm even considering getting another color! i wear this baby ALL the time.

    2. I just updated the color options and fiber to a mostly acrylic blend in light of spring. It would be less itchy and more breathable. I could also use a full on acrylic yarn for the super sensitive. Ironically I'm sensitive to wool as well. Most are sensitive the lanolin that is naturally occurring in sheep's wool and can wear alpaca or merino wools without discomfort as they don't have lanolin in them. Enjoy that "random fact of the day"!

  2. Ag tomboy make your butt look amazing.

  3. I love that cardi so much I could die! this outfit is super fun!

  4. Those are some CUTE shoes!! I love little leopard loafs!

  5. Cute look!! Love love love the sweater!!



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