Monday, March 19, 2012

wear: decisions, decisions...

i started thinking about what to wear on st. patrick's day about a week ago. 
it was an important decision because a. green is my favorite color so i have a ton of green to choose from and b. the weather was going to be perfect, which makes it way more fun to get dressed. 
(try to ignore my stringy hair. it was so hot and windy--my hair looked awful all day. blech.)

in the end i went with this slouchy tee and lightweight skirt. the day ended up being pretty hot and we walked all over the city, so this outfit was just right; pulled together, but still casual and cool (temperature-wise). 
t-shirt: j.crew
skirt: forever 21
oxfords: tj maxx
necklace: gift


  1. very cute! love that lacy skirt. it's like wearing a doily! (i mean that in the best way possible!) :)

  2. Very cute! Looks comfy, too. Love that skirt!

  3. that skirt is super cute!

  4. Great skirt! Love the simple yet super stylish look! I ordered that Batiste dry shampoo and have been using it and loving it! I ordered on Amazon for 8.99...super happy with it so far! Thanks for posting about that!

  5. Love how casual chic you look. I also really appreciate the camera angles you use to show your pieces.

  6. perfect! i love that skirt! i would have never put it with that t, but i love how easy going it looks together.


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