Thursday, March 29, 2012

(things i) love.

this shirt. 
i foresee a lot of memories made together this summer.

this book. 
i've been wanting this book for a few years now and finally received it for my birthday. it's everything i hoped and more. (isn't that romantic?) if you're a writer and you know it, or if you're a writer and you don't know it, or if you're a writer and you're not sure if you want to be--read this book.

this album.
i thought i liked this album because it is so perfect for rainy days and good cries. turns out it's also good for sunshine and smiles. can't get enough of it. 

this season.
this spring has been especially pleasant. i must have ptsd from past winters because i keep having to remind myself that it really is spring.  i can put the snowblower and down coats away for the year. (knock on wood.) so thankful for the sunny days, the flowers, the breeze, even the rain. 


  1. that photo of you is too adorable!

  2. baseball shirts are the best I wish I had one in every color with matching converse :)

  3. LOVE Sark... I should check that out. I'm an endless-wannabe-writer. Also, there is a lot of Bon Iver in my life these days... lots.

  4. great list. SARK is one of my favorites! pretty hair, too (how many unwashed days?) ha -- i need to score some of that dry spray!


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