Friday, March 09, 2012

i just didn't feel like it.

blogging, that is. this week has been weird for a few different reasons and i just didn't have the brain power to write down words. as much as i love to blog, i never want to feel chained or obligated to it. i started this for myself and as much as i like you (i really like you), i don't want to post something out of obligation to you. it makes it very rewarding to know you're reading this, however, i can't be a good blogger if i'm only posting something to make sure you keep coming back. anyway, all that to say: i didn't really feel like blogging this week. 

some things that happened while i was not-blogging...

i started a new job! it's only part-time and really just a "for fun" kind of job, but i'm going to be hosting at one of our favorite places in des moines, americana. my buddy mike is one of the owners and when he asked if i knew of anyone who might want a job i said, "i might want a job!" and with that, i was hired, and started days later. it happened sort of fast, but i'm excited about it. one of my very first jobs was hosting when i was 16 and i loved it because you get to interact with all the people and cheese and shmooze them, but you're not responsible for their ultimate happiness (as the servers are). win-win in my book!

we got a new tv! okay, this isn't really a big deal. but...we did. i have terrible distance vision and i can rarely locate my glasses, so instead of buying another pair of glasses, we got a bigger tv! actually... our other tv is pretty tiny (like the size most people have in their kitchens) and it was somewhat unfortunate whenever we had people over. (like the recent oscars party we hosted--did i blog about that yet? if not, i will. it was fun.) so when we got our tax return, mr.a wanted to use some of it for something fun. for any of the men who are reading this, it's a vizio 47-inch 1080p 480Hz 3D tv. i don't really know what any of those letters and numbers mean besides "TV" and "3D", but i think they spell the word R-I-D-I-C-U-L-O-Uh, just kidding. it's actually pretty sweet and i'm excited to watch "crazy, stupid love" in 3D. (gurrrrrrrl, youknowhatimean?!)

quinn fell asleep in a bucket.

i fell in love...with a new dry shampoo. 

found this baby at ulta for less than $10 and it's my new favorite. i've tried at least 6 different types of dry shampoo but i love how this has a bit of tint to it! no lie, i went 5 days without washing my hair. believe it or not, this is the fifth day...

i'm starting kosama on monday and i. am. scared. if you haven't heard of it, kosama is one of those boot-camp-like programs where you go 6 days a week and work out til you want to die, and it totally rocks your soft, smushy body. as i've mentioned a million times, i've struggled to find time/motivation to work out so i'm hoping this will give me the accountability i need. i signed up with a friend and we got a great "buddy" deal, plus i'm relieved to have someone there who won't mind giving me mouth-to-mouth in case i pass out.
this is our "before" picture...
and here's our foreseeable "after"...
bikini season, here we come!


  1. Hello! I have missed you! :)

  2. Haha love the after picture. Totally babes! :)

  3. Well, I need something to read at 4am for the next 6 1/2 weeks so the pressure's on. Lots of good posts required.
    Kidding :)

  4. Hilarious! #1-I laughed hysterically at the 3D comment. Let me know when you are going to cuddle in for that showing...I'll bring the popcorn. #2-I love Q in a bucket. Random nap places are the best. #3-the After picture is ridonk and hilarious!

  5. Tinted dry shampoo?!?!?! Genius! I'm trying this stat!

  6. That is my absolute favorite dry shampoo!! Hands down!!

  7. Good luck on the workouts!!! I want to hear about it!!

  8. All of this is great.
    Quinn falling asleep in a bucket is the best of all.

    Now I'm gonna go netflix the crap outta Ryan.

  9. This dry shampoo just might be a lifesaver! I've been washing my hair every day (almost) for the past umteen years and a break would be nice! at $9 a can, this will save me dollars in shampoo!

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