Wednesday, March 21, 2012

don't be annoyed with me buuuuut i hate how i look in this picture. these were taken after a day of running in & out of the rain. my hair was limp (and thrown into a sad bun), my shirt was a sloppy, wrinkled mess, and my makeup was basically non-existent. (and this picture was the best out of six! :/ i know some bloggers take 50-100 outfit pictures per post. i just do not have the time for that at this point. so, you get lameface here.)  but! in my defense, i was complimented on this outfit by at least two employees at j.crew, (yes, i may have been shopping. what else do you do in the rain?!) i don't think it was a complete bomb, but if you do--just ignore everything and look at how cute those boots are with socks!
shirt: target
skirt: j.crew
belt: vintage (my mom's)
socks: target
boots: old navy


  1. Don't be silly, you look fab! Looooving this outfit!!
    Also, I don't know that I've ever written you before... Hi, I'm Sonja! I've been following you for a bit and we have SO much in common. It gets strange. I'm from IC; currently living in Denver and have a lot of friends and fam in Des Moines. So, yeah, any time you write about those places I'm like yup, I gotcha. I think there was even a post where I recognized one of your waiters... weird! Anyway, love your blog, lady! Keep on keeping on:)

  2. are you kidding?! i mean, i totally get having those kinds of days where you just aren't feeling it. but seriously, i think your outfit is super awesome. i love the colors, the shirt and skirt, and the boots are ridiculously cute! anywhoo...just thought you should know i think it's a winner!

    and even if i wasn't digging the outfit (which isn't the case, ever.), i'd still love your blog. so glad i stumbled across it a month or two ago!

  3. Very fun blog and I love your style! I am excited to be a new follower!

  4. well, i like it. i think we're always harder on ourselves than anyone else is. and if you got compliments at jcrew, you must have done it right, right? :)


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