Monday, March 05, 2012

do: champagne showers.

we recently celebrated joey's birthday with a night filled with food, dancing, and his favorite beverage--champagne. 

 the birthday boy in his element...

i made chèvre and walnut-coated grapes. i had seen the recipe on cup of jo and it was very simple but fairly time-consuming. although, i was getting caught up on dvr'd episodes of american idol while i made them, so maybe that's why it took so long!

since the grapes took about twice as long as i anticipated, i had to race to get ready (story of my life). this outfit was sort of thrown together and i'm not actually sure i'd ever wear this combination again. but, it is what it is and here it is...
it's not the worst outfit i've ever worn, i love this little cropped blazer, but the tank i grabbed was just a ribbed cotton tank so i felt like it was a little casual for the outfit. [note to self: find some nicer tanks to wear with dressier layers.]
jacket: forever 21
tank: j.crew
earrings: forever 21
pants: target
booties: old navy


  1. hot mama! I think we were hanging out in one of my crazy dreams last night... I don't remember much, but I think it was fun! :)

  2. Hi B!
    Just discovered your blog, I love it!!
    The macaroons and all the little treat look so yummy :)

    Will definitely be back soon :)
    Pounou from

  3. I actually think this outfit is super cute for something that you just threw together! Simple, but classy! And I love the touch that the earrings give!

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