Wednesday, March 21, 2012

do: all things green.

we had so much fun on st. patrick's day this year! normally it seems to fall on a gloomy weekday and we never feel up for doing anything. this year we took full advantage of the beautiful weather and the fact that it was saturday and we spent the whole day outside with friends.
seth* had a few things to do before he could meet up with us, so joey was my partner in crime for the morning. 

we started the day off with breakfast at our friend dan's house. his invitation claimed "green eggs and green kegs" but when we arrived, there were only green kegs to be found. so, the domestic diva and i hit the kitchen and prepared breakfast for about 30 people. (joey was the one who really kept things cooking, but i certainly took my turn at the stove.) 
the complete kitchen crew:
i have to admit, the green eggs looked pretty gross but didn't taste bad!
(at least not when paired with hash browns and loaded up with sriracha!)
 we cooked 90 eggs that day! it took three rounds of four pans each. 
we were pretty proud of that. 

though he didn't make any eggs, dan did make some kind of almond coffee cake thing and he demanded that we try it. 
it was actually delicious!
after a few hours of consuming things that aren't normally green, we ventured over to the neighborhood dive bar to do a celebratory shot for my birthday. (did i mention my birthday is the day after st. patrick's?) 
carl's is one of our favorite spots in des moines, but i have to admit, it's not a place you really want to see in the light of day. 
from there we walked downtown where thousands of people had crowded the streets for the annual parade. i love events that just bring all sorts of people out, and st.patrick's day is definitely a day for people-watching. we ran into another group of our friends and found a spot to sit on a patio. 
we sat and talked and enjoyed the sun and eventually realized we were all starving. we grabbed some dinner and then made our way back to dan's house (where our day began) for naps in the yard, a few rounds of bags and a campfire. (sadly, i had tucked my camera safely away so there is no photographic evidence of our day beyond the patio.)

*ground-breaking announcement: for any of you who've read the daily be for a while, you know i've always called seth "mr.a." some of you found it cute and endearing (and maybe it was/is) but i'm kinda over it. part of the reason i referred to him in that way was to maintain a bit of anonymity and security while he was deployed. he's been home for 6 months now and i'm pretty sure, at this point, you can find anything you want to know about us online somewhere. so, from here on out, "mr.a" will simply be known as "seth." which surprise! is his name. 


  1. I give you lots of credit for eating that green food:)


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