Thursday, March 29, 2012

(things i) love.

this shirt. 
i foresee a lot of memories made together this summer.

this book. 
i've been wanting this book for a few years now and finally received it for my birthday. it's everything i hoped and more. (isn't that romantic?) if you're a writer and you know it, or if you're a writer and you don't know it, or if you're a writer and you're not sure if you want to be--read this book.

this album.
i thought i liked this album because it is so perfect for rainy days and good cries. turns out it's also good for sunshine and smiles. can't get enough of it. 

this season.
this spring has been especially pleasant. i must have ptsd from past winters because i keep having to remind myself that it really is spring.  i can put the snowblower and down coats away for the year. (knock on wood.) so thankful for the sunny days, the flowers, the breeze, even the rain. 

Friday, March 23, 2012

wear: is this too matchy?

i've had these pants for a while now but this is actually the first time i've worn them. the weather went from wintery to summery to gloomy and the bright fuchsia just never seemed quite right. last night was warm but not hot, springy but not raining--just right for these little ladies to make their debut.
i definitely played it a little safe on top, but i was attending a play and didn't want to look too...wild. speaking of the play--my little sister was one of the stars in it and i am so proud of her. i'm tearing up just thinking about it! honestly, i kept my expectations pretty low knowing it was a small production and her first experience in a play (she's been in a few musicals, but never a play), but it was so good! the story was endearing and the actors were wonderful. if you're local and looking for something to do this weekend, go see the cripple of inishmaan at the des moines social club!  

shirt: gap
necklace: stella & dot
pants: gap
belt: forever 21
mocs: j.crew
watch: timex
bracelet: f21

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

don't be annoyed with me buuuuut i hate how i look in this picture. these were taken after a day of running in & out of the rain. my hair was limp (and thrown into a sad bun), my shirt was a sloppy, wrinkled mess, and my makeup was basically non-existent. (and this picture was the best out of six! :/ i know some bloggers take 50-100 outfit pictures per post. i just do not have the time for that at this point. so, you get lameface here.)  but! in my defense, i was complimented on this outfit by at least two employees at j.crew, (yes, i may have been shopping. what else do you do in the rain?!) i don't think it was a complete bomb, but if you do--just ignore everything and look at how cute those boots are with socks!
shirt: target
skirt: j.crew
belt: vintage (my mom's)
socks: target
boots: old navy

do: all things green.

we had so much fun on st. patrick's day this year! normally it seems to fall on a gloomy weekday and we never feel up for doing anything. this year we took full advantage of the beautiful weather and the fact that it was saturday and we spent the whole day outside with friends.
seth* had a few things to do before he could meet up with us, so joey was my partner in crime for the morning. 

we started the day off with breakfast at our friend dan's house. his invitation claimed "green eggs and green kegs" but when we arrived, there were only green kegs to be found. so, the domestic diva and i hit the kitchen and prepared breakfast for about 30 people. (joey was the one who really kept things cooking, but i certainly took my turn at the stove.) 
the complete kitchen crew:
i have to admit, the green eggs looked pretty gross but didn't taste bad!
(at least not when paired with hash browns and loaded up with sriracha!)
 we cooked 90 eggs that day! it took three rounds of four pans each. 
we were pretty proud of that. 

though he didn't make any eggs, dan did make some kind of almond coffee cake thing and he demanded that we try it. 
it was actually delicious!
after a few hours of consuming things that aren't normally green, we ventured over to the neighborhood dive bar to do a celebratory shot for my birthday. (did i mention my birthday is the day after st. patrick's?) 
carl's is one of our favorite spots in des moines, but i have to admit, it's not a place you really want to see in the light of day. 
from there we walked downtown where thousands of people had crowded the streets for the annual parade. i love events that just bring all sorts of people out, and st.patrick's day is definitely a day for people-watching. we ran into another group of our friends and found a spot to sit on a patio. 
we sat and talked and enjoyed the sun and eventually realized we were all starving. we grabbed some dinner and then made our way back to dan's house (where our day began) for naps in the yard, a few rounds of bags and a campfire. (sadly, i had tucked my camera safely away so there is no photographic evidence of our day beyond the patio.)

*ground-breaking announcement: for any of you who've read the daily be for a while, you know i've always called seth "mr.a." some of you found it cute and endearing (and maybe it was/is) but i'm kinda over it. part of the reason i referred to him in that way was to maintain a bit of anonymity and security while he was deployed. he's been home for 6 months now and i'm pretty sure, at this point, you can find anything you want to know about us online somewhere. so, from here on out, "mr.a" will simply be known as "seth." which surprise! is his name. 

Monday, March 19, 2012

wear: decisions, decisions...

i started thinking about what to wear on st. patrick's day about a week ago. 
it was an important decision because a. green is my favorite color so i have a ton of green to choose from and b. the weather was going to be perfect, which makes it way more fun to get dressed. 
(try to ignore my stringy hair. it was so hot and windy--my hair looked awful all day. blech.)

in the end i went with this slouchy tee and lightweight skirt. the day ended up being pretty hot and we walked all over the city, so this outfit was just right; pulled together, but still casual and cool (temperature-wise). 
t-shirt: j.crew
skirt: forever 21
oxfords: tj maxx
necklace: gift

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


today i set out to wear something entirely different than what i ended up in . i wanted to wear bright colors and maybe a skirt (cause, duh, it was almost 80-degrees today), but after a few unsuccessful outfit attempts, i got annoyed with my closet and fired her. we made up when she gently reminded me that her clothing levels really weren't up to par because i have at least 3 loads of laundry to do. my bad, girlfriend. 

anyway, i haven't worn this shirt in at least a year and i rarely wear these pants. today they came together for a perfectly average, errand-running outfit. 
t-shirt: threads 4 thought
belt: talbot's
cords: j. crew
flats: gap

Monday, March 12, 2012


i woke up at 5:45 this morning for my first day of kosama. i was really nervous i would oversleep so i kept waking up throughout the night, checking the time, relieved to see i had five more hours to sleep, then three, then two, and so on. class was super-tough, but at the same time, really good. i was paired up with a gal that has a long journey of weight loss ahead and she was inspiring to me throughout the hour-long kick-boxing class. we encouraged each other ("only 20 more minutes!" et cetera) and gave a weak, exhausted high-five at the end. it may sound cheesy, but it really helps to have someone tell you to keep going, that you're doing great.

that has nothing to do with this outfit, other than i'm slightly exhausted and having a hard time formulating words to accompany this post. here are some thoughts that i couldn't seem to connect into a full paragraph...

1. this was a day i didn't have time for hair or makeup. instead of taking the sloppiness even further by staying in sweats, i decided to get dressed & hopefully distract from my nappy hair and sleepy eyes. 
2. this sweater was a shopping miracle. i got it for $9 from j.crew when someone returned it a long time after it was in stores. (i was working there at the time.) it has the map of italy on it & is just really unique. one of those items i'll probably hold onto for my girls. 
3. i really love these jeans but i feel like they make me look like i have a saggy diaper on. is there a boyfriend jean out there that is still somewhat fitted in the tush? 
4. that is all. it's only 10:15 & i'm ready for a nap. i'm definitely going to have to start going to bed earlier if i'm going to keep this up.

Friday, March 09, 2012

i just didn't feel like it.

blogging, that is. this week has been weird for a few different reasons and i just didn't have the brain power to write down words. as much as i love to blog, i never want to feel chained or obligated to it. i started this for myself and as much as i like you (i really like you), i don't want to post something out of obligation to you. it makes it very rewarding to know you're reading this, however, i can't be a good blogger if i'm only posting something to make sure you keep coming back. anyway, all that to say: i didn't really feel like blogging this week. 

some things that happened while i was not-blogging...

i started a new job! it's only part-time and really just a "for fun" kind of job, but i'm going to be hosting at one of our favorite places in des moines, americana. my buddy mike is one of the owners and when he asked if i knew of anyone who might want a job i said, "i might want a job!" and with that, i was hired, and started days later. it happened sort of fast, but i'm excited about it. one of my very first jobs was hosting when i was 16 and i loved it because you get to interact with all the people and cheese and shmooze them, but you're not responsible for their ultimate happiness (as the servers are). win-win in my book!

we got a new tv! okay, this isn't really a big deal. but...we did. i have terrible distance vision and i can rarely locate my glasses, so instead of buying another pair of glasses, we got a bigger tv! actually... our other tv is pretty tiny (like the size most people have in their kitchens) and it was somewhat unfortunate whenever we had people over. (like the recent oscars party we hosted--did i blog about that yet? if not, i will. it was fun.) so when we got our tax return, mr.a wanted to use some of it for something fun. for any of the men who are reading this, it's a vizio 47-inch 1080p 480Hz 3D tv. i don't really know what any of those letters and numbers mean besides "TV" and "3D", but i think they spell the word R-I-D-I-C-U-L-O-Uh, just kidding. it's actually pretty sweet and i'm excited to watch "crazy, stupid love" in 3D. (gurrrrrrrl, youknowhatimean?!)

quinn fell asleep in a bucket.

i fell in love...with a new dry shampoo. 

found this baby at ulta for less than $10 and it's my new favorite. i've tried at least 6 different types of dry shampoo but i love how this has a bit of tint to it! no lie, i went 5 days without washing my hair. believe it or not, this is the fifth day...

i'm starting kosama on monday and i. am. scared. if you haven't heard of it, kosama is one of those boot-camp-like programs where you go 6 days a week and work out til you want to die, and it totally rocks your soft, smushy body. as i've mentioned a million times, i've struggled to find time/motivation to work out so i'm hoping this will give me the accountability i need. i signed up with a friend and we got a great "buddy" deal, plus i'm relieved to have someone there who won't mind giving me mouth-to-mouth in case i pass out.
this is our "before" picture...
and here's our foreseeable "after"...
bikini season, here we come!

Monday, March 05, 2012

do: champagne showers.

we recently celebrated joey's birthday with a night filled with food, dancing, and his favorite beverage--champagne. 

 the birthday boy in his element...

i made chèvre and walnut-coated grapes. i had seen the recipe on cup of jo and it was very simple but fairly time-consuming. although, i was getting caught up on dvr'd episodes of american idol while i made them, so maybe that's why it took so long!

since the grapes took about twice as long as i anticipated, i had to race to get ready (story of my life). this outfit was sort of thrown together and i'm not actually sure i'd ever wear this combination again. but, it is what it is and here it is...
it's not the worst outfit i've ever worn, i love this little cropped blazer, but the tank i grabbed was just a ribbed cotton tank so i felt like it was a little casual for the outfit. [note to self: find some nicer tanks to wear with dressier layers.]
jacket: forever 21
tank: j.crew
earrings: forever 21
pants: target
booties: old navy