Monday, February 06, 2012


on a dreary day i occasionally try to counteract the grey skies and bland surroundings with ridiculously bright clothing.*  
friday was one of those days. 
i recently used some store credit to buy these brilliant oxfords and it seemed like a good day to break them in. 
i was hoping that staring down at these bright pink beauties might make everything a little bit better and a little bit brighter. 
not sure that actually worked but they're still pretty cute.

sweater vest: j.crew, $15
shirt: gap, $6
jeans: joe's, thrifted $25
belt: forever21, $3  
oxfords: gap, store credit
watch: target, $20
bracelet: forever 21, $4

*i'm having blog de ja vu, remember this post?


  1. love love love this look. (and those jeans... I might steal those) the pink shoes are so perfect!

  2. This is my fave look of all time!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! I would dress like this everyday!!!!

  3. I absolutely love this outfit! Those shoes are killer!

  4. cute look! love how casual it is yet still chic. plus those oxfords are incredible!

  5. cute! you can do so many things with those jeans. love it.

  6. Those amazing shoes could make any day better!

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