Thursday, February 16, 2012

wear: comfortably under-dressed.

in the weeks leading up to the dine-out i was really stressed about what to wear. i had heard a lot of women would be wearing floor-length gowns (of which i own none) or otherwise very fancy dresses (of which i also own none). apparently some people re-use bridesmaids dresses, but the last time i wore a fancy bridesmaid dress i was 17 years old. no idea where that dress even is and lawd knows i wouldn't fit into it today. i went to a couple stores to search for something dressy yet affordable, but didn't have much luck. one day i was running errands with quinn and i popped into my favorite local boutique, aimee
i tried on a few dresses and ended up buying one that i really loved. i didn't know for sure if it would be dressy enough, but it was the only one in my size so i figured i ought to take it home with me just in case i couldn't find anything else. my younger sister has a couple of gowns that she uses for formal singing performances, so i tried those on one day. they are beautiful dresses but i just felt so weird with them on! totally not "me." i gave up looking for another dress and ended up wearing (and loving) the dress from aimee. 
i was probably one of the more under-dressed ladies there, and may have gotten a few up-down looks (you know the ones...) but i felt great in the dress and i'm honestly really glad i wore it. i didn't have to tug on a hemline or a strapless bra, i was warm (as one could be) in the 5-degree weather, and i will definitely get a lot more wear out of this dress than i would have anything dressier.

aren't you glad i took a picture of my shoes so you could see the beautiful carpet?

dress: aimee, $75
necklace: charlotte russe, $3
belt: j.crew, $10
tights: target, $13
heels: target, $12
ring: j.crew, $13
bracelet: j.crew, $8
watch: target, $20


  1. You look perfect! I was in the same boat for an event of my husbands, and I had no idea what was appropriate. I went with a Calvin Klein black sheath dress from TJ Maxx, and I felt comfortable and modest and dressy enough. There were some crazy fancy dresses there, and I got some "looks" too, but at least I went with my comfort zone and I think that is always classy! Love the dress!

  2. If there is one thing I have learned it is that it's more important to be 100% comfortable in your outfit (not comfortable like "comfy" but like feel good in it) rather than just dress for the occasion, because who wants to feel out of their element at an event that is designed to let people enjoy themselves. Always trust your gut first.

    Plus, this dress looks AMAZING on you! You couldn't have done better!

    Also, your hairs are hot, hot, hot lady! Love the new color!

  3. I love this! You look adorable! You hair is so pretty!

  4. You look fabulous! These kinds of events are really fun, but they drive me a little nuts sometimes because my husband has them like once a year and I never have just the right thing to wear because it's so far off from my daily wardrobe... But I totally agree with you - better to be "you" (and warm!), especially if you'll get more use out of it this way. And you'll march around more confidently, which is a must for pulling off any outfit, right?

  5. Hey B - I love the new hair! Did you ask your stylist to do ombre - if so, how did they do it? I'm losing interest in growing mine out and am about to cheat and have them do it!

  6. Love the color combo! I have a giveaway going on over on my blog until next Monday! Come check it out


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