Monday, February 13, 2012

see: style challenge, epilogue

remember when i did that blogger style challenge series for abc family's television show, jane by design? well, i'm pretty sure i didn't win (though i'm not sure they've actually announced the winner yet...) but everyone who participated had the chance to ask one of the cast members a question. i was paired up with erica dasher who plays the title role of jane quimby. i had read that erica served as a producer on a documentary so i asked her about her interest there. specifically, whether she planned to focus more on the production side of the industry or if her passion was for acting. 
here is her response...

it's pretty cool to hear directly from her! we've been watching the show since it premiered and have enjoyed the fun fashions and light-hearted story lines. 

in case you missed the style challenges, here they are again!


  1. Wow. That's pretty stinkin cool! :)


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