Wednesday, February 01, 2012

do: lately...

the girls spent the weekend with their grandparents which was so nice & much-appreciated. we took full advantage of it, spending lots of time together and with friends. 
and sleeping in late, obvs.

as i mentioned before, we had dinner together & drinks with friends on friday...

saturday morning mr.a asked me one of my favorite questions in the world: 
"want to go to brunch?" 
(second only to: "want to go on a shopping spree?") 

we met miss k and mr.t at americana and a little later, our friends boo boo and sully joined us as well. (i guess we're nickname type of people?) anyway, none of us had any plans for the day, so we stayed there laughing and talking and eating for hours. literally. i think we were there from 11-3. i guess we got our money's worth!  

after we had eaten enough to count for breakfast and lunch, katie and i went to the hill vintage trunk show and the boys went home to drink fancy beer and take naps. 

on sunday, we went to church, made a brief appearance on the local news (where i discovered how manly my voice is) and had lunch at tartine

later on i went to visit my friend joseph and his family. it was heart-breaking and awful to be in their home under those circumstances, but it was also very therapeutic to be together with our closest friends. we talked, we laughed, and we cried... a lot. we drank wine, we read from the limerick book and we took a ride through the neighborhood on jerry's vintage fire truck, blaring the siren and cheering the whole way.

monday was gorgeous here and we spent some time reading books at mars cafe with my sister. 

and we had a little try-on session with some warby parker glasses...
which one is your favorite?

after that, the girls and i went on a little walk and got to visit my friend tony at his recording studio, sonic factory studios. there was a guy in there recording so it was fun to see all the behind-the-scenes stuff!

anyway, that's what we've been up to lately!


  1. Cute! I vote for miles or Huxley!

  2. i think miles is my favorite! although i do like huxley as well...great choices!

  3. Cute! I just shipped back my Warby Parker try-ons yesterday. I loved Beckett and love Beckett and Miles on you!

  4. love them all but my vote is for the huxley!!

  5. I vote Huxley!! Sounds like a fun, perfect weekend!

  6. I like miles! Super cute! I tried the warby parker thing, but I have such a slim face they all felt too big on me!

    missed you 'round here! glad you're back! xo

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