Tuesday, January 17, 2012


i wore this basic outfit two days in a row. 
howeeeeeever, the first day i only wore it for like, an hour or two. so that doesn't really count. 
on the second day i thought, if i like this outfit enough to wear it twice, i should probably take a picture of it. but, my battery was about to die, the lighting was bad, and when i went outside for better lighting, my dog jumped up on me getting mud all over me. (which resulted in a four-letter word or two. none of which included, "good.")
so...this is the only picture i snagged on day two of this outfit...
vest: gap // shirt: banana republic // belt: j.crew // necklace: gift // pants: heritage / booties: dsw


  1. Love those booties. Been looking for a similar pair!

  2. CUTE! I go for the two-for quite often. Why the hell not, my kids don't notice! :)

  3. you look so adorable! i love this look on you.


  4. Hey..it was cute enough to wear it twice! I would've done the same thing. :D

  5. Simple! I love it.

    Are those pants a reddish color or more brown?

  6. thanks, y'all! @chelsea: they're sort of a rust color. reddish-brown i guess. :)


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