Friday, January 20, 2012

wear: this one's for jessica.

i've been a little under the weather for the past day or so. i felt it coming and tried to chase it away with extra cups of tea and unabashed afternoon naps. unfortunately today i woke up and felt it: officially sick. 
i lounged around most of the day, catching up on e-mails and other time-sucking endeavors. (coughfacebookcough!) anyway, my friend jessica hinted that i should probably use my sick day to do a little b-log. 

so here's an outfit post. short & sweet. for jess.
you may have noticed these pants get a lot of wear. you're right. they do. 

and no, i don't wash them as often as i wear them. 
i have slightly better hygiene than a hippie.

vest: gap
henley: alternative apparel (men's)
scarf: target
pants*: heritage
flats: gap

*someone asked on the last wear post if these pants are brown or more red. my ingenious answer? "they're reddish-brown." yes i did graduate from high school, thankyouverymuch.


  1. Thanks B! =) They look like a brick color, I love them!

  2. love the vest!!

  3. Props to you for actually getting dressed when you don't feel well...I'd have spent the day in pjs :)

  4. Props indeed. You look great! I hear you on the hygiene. On my best days it's slightly better than a hippie, let's not even talk about the worst. Thanks for the post ; )

  5. oops! just to clarify: these pictures were NOT taken on my sick day. :/ they were from wednesday. i was definitely in my pi's all day yesterday!

  6. Cute outfit!

    Hope you're feeling better. I always try to nip a cold in the butt the same way you do!


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