Monday, January 16, 2012


if i am ever quiet online,
you'll know i'm being loud somewhere else. 

i took an unexpected but necessary blogging break last week. 

when i think about last monday i can't believe it was only seven days ago. in those seven days we had a birthday party for mr.a, hosted my brother for a couple days, went to the science center, had our first house-showing, went to a friends' show at the social club, went to a comedy show at the funny bone, and went to my sister's show at the stoner theater. we had lunch with friends, dinner with friends and a bunkin' party with friends.* 

clearly there is no shortage of things to blog about. last week i started a new year's, goal-oriented post (in case you didn't read enough resolutions from every other blogger) when i realized i had never even blogged about christmas! (it was wonderful, by the way.)  it can be hard to capture something that happened weeks ago when your mind is flooded with the thoughts, emotions and activities of today.

all of this to say: 
i'm still here.
i hope you are, too.

*okay, the bunkin' party didn't really happen. in fact, i had never even heard of a "bunkin''' party until thursday, but apparently they're all the rage in arkansas. i'm guessing you could probably look it up on wikipedia. or the southern dictionary.


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