Friday, January 06, 2012


hey y'all. sorry posts have been a little sporadic* this week. i feel like life has been a rat-race for about three months now! i assumed once the holidays were over, things would slow down a little, but so far that has not been the case. plus, i fee like i never know what day it is! clearly evidenced by this conversation below with my friend, emily... 
(her son is in piper's class at school.)


i feel like i need three days with nothing to do so i can just get my life back in order! it feels like our house has been a mess since christmas and the lack of schedule from christmas break just threw everything off. well, let's be honest: this is coming from the girl who also complains about our lack of schedule when school is in session--obviously i just need some organization in my life.

it's interesting to recognize the need for something that is just completely separate from your personality. the desire to have a strictly scheduled life does not come natural to me. i don't want to be attached to my datebook or to constantly be ticking off a list of "things to do." it even makes my blood pressure rise to assign meals to a certain day. (if i make a meal plan it always includes lots of "maybes," question marks, and options...just in case.) i guess i just don't want to live my life according to what a list tells me i have to get done. 

but when something is broke, you fix it. and i think a little organization and list-making just might be the fix-it for me this year.

i'd love to write more on this subject, but for now, i have to rush off. i have about 18 billion things to do today and i need to start my list. item #1? buy a datebook.

*anyone else think of Clueless when you use the word "sporadic"? haha, just me?!


  1. you and me BOTH! haha! i call my datebook my brain because when i write my to-do list in it i can think a little bit more clearly :) love your blog!
    p.s. i think we have the same tattoo?? do you have a huguenot cross on your wrist? because i do as well!

  2. That convo is pretty much exactly what i had with a friend. Except it went on forever with me having no clue what day it was, let alone when preschool started back. Good luck with the list-making. I don't do lists or a planner. I call myself artistic or a creative-type, and whether or not it's true, that comforts me.


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