Wednesday, January 11, 2012


my brother is here from california. 
today we took the girls to mars cafe and the science center. we had a lot of fun.
by the time we got home, the girls were wild and cranky and we were all sleepy.
i was trying to keep them entertained and behaved while switching loads of laundry and whipping up a quick dinner before mr.a came home from work. in other words--it was chaotic.

i got the girls fed and scurried them downstairs for a little "play away" time. 

after they were out of sight (obviously not out of mind) i took a deep breath. 
or maybe seven.

all the while, my brother was in the room, doing some work on his laptop and i was aware of the fact that we were likely a huge distraction.

i went into the other room to put the laundry away when my brother called in,

"hey beth...?
(he's the only one who calls me beth. you're not allowed to.)

you're a good mom."

and that was the best thing that happened to me today.


  1. you are a good mommy. I'm jealous I totally wanted to take Brinn to the Science center on break and didn't have time! Lets go together sometime!

  2. I love this and yes, you are a good mom!! How long is he in town?

  3. ahh that is so sweet!!
    love brother-sisterly love.

    You are a wonderful mom!!

  4. <3
    you have a good brother!
    and you are a great mom!


  5. best post ever. love graham.


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