Tuesday, January 03, 2012

do: style challenge no.6

this next challenge for abc family's jane by design stemmed from the idea that inspiration can truly be found anywhere. part of our instructions stated, 
"the ability to be inspired by everyday life is an essential skill." 
and with that we were given our everyday inspiration: pretzels. 

you read that right: pretzels. 
the brown, salty snack that i prefer dipped in chocolate.

it took me a few days of staring at these pretzels before i finally felt inspired. 
though we had our choice of pretzel sticks, pretzel squares and classic pretzels, i really liked the swirly knot on the classic pretzel and thought i would try to recreate it in a necklace or other type of accessory. i had this soft, rope-like material and, in the end, i used it to create a cute, nautical belt that will be perfect this spring.

cute, right?! you could also add some fun beads on the ties that hang down--gold would look great! 

have you ever done anything like this before? taken inspiration from everyday life and used it in fashion? when i was 15 or so i was in a bit of a punk-rock phase and wore safety pins as earrings. i'm pretty sure i thought that was really b.a. at the time! ha! share your "everyday-inspired" fashion tips over on the jane by design facebook page and be sure to mention the daily be! 
this contest is almost over and i'd love your support! (even if you don't have any tips--just go say hi and do a little name-dropping! wink!)

to tide you over until the premier, here's another sneak peek of jane by design...


  1. I love it! And I love the colors in the cardigan & top, too!


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