Wednesday, January 18, 2012

do: birthday bowl.

i mentioned that last week we celebrated mr.a's birthday. 
he is now officially closer to 30 than i am. ha!
we went out for pizza and bowling! it was really fun. i hadn't been bowling in years (and it showed), but we all had a blast.
joey was on a bender that night. haha, just kidding. he had to work while we all bowled.
instead of a birthday cake we classy'ed it up with powdered donuts.
it was a pretty fun party. piper loved it so much i'm sure we'll be going back for her next* birthday. 

*next meaning fifth birthday! FIFTH! tears, sobs, weeps.


  1. adorable photos! looks like a great time!

  2. Your kids are gorgeous! It's interesting how your older daughter looks just like you, and the baby look just like your hubs. :)

  3. SUCH a fun time! I think your older daughter is the perfect mix of you and your husband! I know other people always see resemblances in your family that you may not! HA!

    I am awful at bowling, but the beer specials are worth wearing the ugly shoes!!! :)

  4. it's always so interesting to hear people's perspective on who looks like whom! generally people say quinn is all ottley (my side) and piper is all arganbright. but everyone notices different traits!


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