Tuesday, November 20, 2012

wear: goldsign

found a blank wall and a spot of sunshine the other day. 
fortunately, the latter hasn't been too hard to come by this winter. whether it's global warming or the grace of god, i welcome the warmth and don't dare question its origin. 

this gold-painted sweater seemed fitting for the sunshine and its purchase was actually inspired by this sunny hair-color i've been sporting lately. i got it touched up today so all the blue bits are gone. it's now so white, you could probably call me betty.

jacket//jones new york

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


last week i saw a post from salon w on facebook requesting models for a photo/video shoot. 
they needed responses right away and were asking for people who were open to change.  after chopping it off this summer, i sort of let go of my hair. 
i had spent years growing it out and it was nice to not feel so connected to it after all that time. 
so when i saw the post i thought, i could do that. 
i showed up for the shoot and had no idea what i was in for and honestly, when katie jo first described her vision, i was a little freaked out.
i figured, this would probably be the only time in my life that i would do something like this, so might as well go for it. (not to mention, they poured me a couple glasses of wine...)
watching her work was amazing. i don't know a lot about hair or the industry, but seeing katie jo (and the rest of the salon w team) work together to pull off this shoot in less than 48 hours was pretty incredible. though i may have ended up with an unconventional hairstyle (and have to brace myself for the occasional stare), i feel honored that i got to be a part of this experience. i was in awe watching the cutters, colorists, stylists, makeup artists, photographers and videographers in their element. it was inspiring. 

it's been a few days (and one wash) since the shoot. the blue has dulled a bit (and will continue to fade over the next week or so) and i'm getting used to the double-takes. it's in my nature to be a little insecure. for example: today i was the teacher's helper in quinn's class & felt like i needed to ask every 4 year old if they liked my blue hair. but! this honestly makes me feel a little more brave. it's strange how something as superficial as a little color and cut can affect how you feel, but it does! 

it's hard to know how to dress. 
i'm drawn to basics and neutrals, but i'm sure i'll begin to branch out as i feel more and more comfortable with this new 'do. for the past three days it's been black & gray. who knows? i may go wild and add some olive green tomorrow. stay tuned.

long-sleeved tee//forever 21
gray v-neck//old navy
leather-patch leggings//velvet via aimee

Thursday, October 04, 2012

wear: in which i attempt to take pictures in the presence of my pup.

i started out by the tree and she came to see what was up...
 then she got distracted by a stick, so i moved closer to the house in hopes of ditching her...
 that didn't work, so i threw the ball for her and moved even closer to the house...

but she found me.

necklace//j.crew outlet

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


hi friends. 
i hate that i've been so absent from here. i have really loved the time i've spent on the daily be over the past (almost) five years and i'm not ready to give up on her quite yet. however, i'm in a phase of life that is, in a word: busy. i've been very fortunate to have some awesome opportunities over the past several months to do some freelancing work (working on an app for iphone, writing and styling for local news magazines, and now working on a fun feature for a better homes and gardens halloween magazine) which hasn't left me much time to spend on this creative outlet that i enjoy so much. in addition to all that (as i mentioned) i went back to school and have been completely overwhelmed by how much time and effort that requires. 

when i first started blogging, i had a very part-time job, one less child and not much of a social life. as a (mostly) stay-at-home mom, the blog was my connection to the outside world. and the only creative outlet that i had. it's thrilling to finally be able to do the type of work i have dreamed of doing and get paid for it! so, unfortunately, the daily be has been temporarily put on the back burner. i still think about blogging a lot and i miss it! i miss you! but i've also received some gentle criticism regarding the lack of variety here. i guess simply posting an occasional outfit with a few sentences isn't really what you have come to expect, so lately i've stopped even trying to do that. 

on any day of the week i have so much that i'd love to write and share, i just honestly don't have the time. my time lately is spent writing about the history of the newspaper (yes, i wrote an entire essay on that) and reading about hydrogen bonds (at least...i think that's what they're called). i'm not giving up on the daily be. this is a season. i hope to be able to squeeze in a post every now and then, but it may be more like, the monthly bei hope you'll understand.

now, how 'bout one of those shallow outfit posts?!
this is my favorite season to get dressed for. it's like everything in your closet is fair game. it's cool in the mornings and evenings and warm during the day. 
i wore this last weekend and it's sort of my ideal outfit. a little edgy, yet feminine, and completely comfortable. i had the opportunity to style a feature on fall shoe trends and while scouting out some options, these wedge sneakers caught my eye and i practically tripped over myself to get to them. (occupational hazard.) 
i had drooled over the isabel marant original for a couple years and more recently, the still-unaffordable ash version. so when i saw this steve madden pair, i was sold and i've worn them non-stop since then. i could literally run a 5k in these babies. try me--i'll prove it. and i could actually use the motivation to go for a run.

jacket//forever 21
skirt//forever 21
bracelet//forever 21 
wedge sneaks//von maur

Thursday, August 23, 2012

wear: you know what they say...

a little goes a long way. 
especially when it comes to showing skin. i opted for a sliver of midriff the other day and (fingers-crossed) it followed suit. i think, since the outfit itself was somewhat demure, showing a teeny bit of skin wasn't too much.

shirt & skirt/j.crew//watch/timex//sandals/saltwater

in other news...
there have been lots of big changes in our house lately! piper started kindergarten this week (read about that here) and quinn will be starting preschool next week as well! plus, i signed up for 2 classes at our local community college and i start on monday! i'm a little nervous about being back in the classroom (it's been 6 years since i was in college), but i know i'm ready. my goal is to have my bachelor's degree by 30. i'm gonna do it!*

*in case you're wondering--i stopped going to school in '06 when we moved to colorado and piper unexpectedly came along. the "break" lasted a little longer than i anticipated, but i've always wanted to go back and finish one day. that day has finally come!

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

wear: three weeks?!!!

whoa. it's been forever since i've blogged. we have been crazy-busy for the past month or so. if you're into instagram, twitter, or facebook, you probably have a better idea of what we've been up to. i'll try to catch up here, but we'll see. i'm honestly ready for summer to be over, though i suppose it's unrealistic to think that a seasonal change will effect a lifestyle change. (a different post for a different day.)

anyway, here's a quick outfit post. sort of like the dove that noah sent out from the ark. is anyone out there? (not sure if that's an accurate metaphor but, let's just go with it.)

this outfit is an example of how a single accessory can inspire an entire outfit. i may not have thought to put mint, mustard, and gray together were it not for this necklace to tie them all together. (though, i think j.crew did mint and mustard about 4 years ago...)
somehow, it just works. or...at least i think it does. 

t-shirt//old navy
shorts//old navy

Friday, July 20, 2012

wear: boot-scootin'.

a month or so ago, a reader requested i do a post styling these boots for summer. 
i finally remembered to wear them today! 

tank//von maur
shorts//sanctuary via von maur
booties//active endeavors

i think boots in the summer can be tricky. it can be a really cute look, but you need to have the right style and wear them in the right situations. rule #1: no boots at the beach. 

i think moccasin style boots have a hippie vibe, cowboy boots are fun, wellies are cute when it's wet, and biker boots add some edge. avoid anything with fur or fuzz on the inside, no knee-highs, and anything with a stiletto heel seems like a bit much. 

here are some options you could rock this summer with skirts, shorts and dresses...
try rockin' some boots this summer!

Minnetonka, Mudd, AllSaints, Harley-Davidson

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

wear: raiders of the lost outfit.

not all outfit pictures are created equal. i get weird in front of the camera which makes it difficult to get a shot where my eyes aren't closed, my hands aren't in some strange position, or i don't look like a complete tool. 
(i'm not just being hard on myself. ask my friend meredith about the time she caught me humming nervously, without even realizing it, the entire time our picture was being taken.)

anyway, sometimes outfit pictures are taken but never posted on the blog. 
whether it's vanity or simply bad lighting, here are some of those never-before-seen outfits...

1. constipation kills.
for years i had pretty crooked teeth and was always pretty self-conscious about my smile. even though i've since had them straightened, thousands of dollars later i'm still weird about smiling. this often results in a squinty-eyed constipation face. plus, i just don't really like this outfit. 
driving mocs//steve madden
arrow necklace//stella & dot

2. dude, where's my body?
as a petite person, i try to avoid styles that accentuate my vertical handicap. i bought this maxi skirt thinking it would be a great alternative to wearing black pants all the time at work, but pairing it with this button-down was a bad choice. i'm drowning in a sea of fabric. and hair! blech. i've since worn it with a tank-top and that worked better, but i still think maxi skirts make me look like i'm playing dress-up in my mom's closet. 
shirt//old navy
belt//j.crew outlet
leopard flats//steve madden

3. stop looking at me, swan.
i get really awkward when someone else is behind the camera and especially awkward when trying to take pictures in public places. the day i wore this outfit, we were in the middle of downtown, a friend was trying to take my picture, and my kids were half-nekkid and screaming. (big surprise.) it was like a car accident. 
people were all, cantstopstaring
needless to say, this picture was the best of the bunch so the outfit never made its blog debut. and let's be honest, i felt kind of chunky in it anyway.
t-shirt//french connection
bracelets//vintage & j.crew 

 4. don't drink & drive pose.
the other night i wore this to karaoke.* after a couple drinks and a couple songs, we decided to take some outfit pictures outside in the worst lighting ever. i looked like an alien in every picture. and then we took this gem with the flash...
*we have a monthly karaoke night at our favorite dive bar. my songs of choice are 'son of a preacher man',  'mercy' by duffy, and anything by amy grant. fyi.
tank//american eagle
leather flip flops//j.crew
necklace//gift (von maur)

by my estimation, after four years of blogging, my outfit pictures have improved by 2%. progress, people. and something about "slow & steady wins the race." i'd hate to bombard you with photographic greatness too soon. 
hang in there.