Tuesday, December 20, 2011

wear: style challenge no.2

for the second jane by design style challenge, we were given a white t-shirt, some fabric markers and the instructions to take the shirt and style it in a way that reflects one of our style icons. simple enough, right? well, as i began to think about who my "style icons" are, my mind was flooded with women whose style i admire. they ranged from designers (stella mccartney, dvf, the mulleavy gals) to actors (diane kruger, michelle williams, kirsten dunst), from bloggers (kendi, laura, jules) to fictional characters (carrie bradshaw, penny lane, serena van der woodsen) and even some who don't fall into any one category (the olsens, nicole richie, alexa chung). i didn't know how to narrow it down, or how i would begin to style a humble t-shirt after someone whose style i admire so much.
when i started thinking about people whom i admire, not only for their style, but also as individuals; i started thinking about gwen stefani. now, i may not dress like gwen (i don't have the abs to wear half the things she does!), but i'm so inspired by her. i had my first girl-crush on gwen in junior high in the height of the no doubt days (when she and gavin rossdale were just a young couple in love!), but i have continued to admire her as she has taken on new endeavours (a solo career in music, fashion design and even acting), all the while getting married and raising a family.

if you have read more than a couple of entries on this blog, you know one thing i feel passionately about is women maintaining their sense of self (and style) after childbirth. it's certainly an everyday challenge and it may not be the same as before you had kids; but i think it is so important for women to take care of themselves in order to better care for their loved ones. i think gwen stefani is a fantastic example of that. she has always had her own style and i feel like that has only become more defined since having kids.

as a mom of two, she is an inspiration to me.
now, as for the t-shirt. i saw this picture of gwen rocking these wild tie-dyed jeansand i thought, here is a perfect example of gwen rocking her signature style even in the midst of motherhood. she looks amazing and she still looks herself: chic, cool and comfortable.

i decided to style my t-shirt after those jeans. i happened to have some leftover black rit dye after re-dying a pair of faded black pants  so i tried a tie-dye technique that was new to me. i accordion-folded the t-shirt, wrapped some elastics around it and let it soak in the black dye mix for a couple of hours. tie-dying is a bit tedious because you really never know what you're going to get. but, i was actually pleasantly surprised with how this turned out! even though we're heading into winter, i feel like the dark color can work as easily in this season as it will in the spring and summer.

after the t-shirt dried, i decided to cut it into a racerback tank-top to make it a little more versatile for layering.

 i listed a bunch of mine, but who are your style icons? go to the jane by design facebook page and tell us whose style you admire! and, if you would,
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if you're excited about the premiere of abc family's new show--here's another sneek peak!

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