Tuesday, December 06, 2011

wear: one outfit, two ways.

i haven't worn khaki pants in over 6 years. after being forced to wear them five days a week for four years (high school uniform), and then a short gig at starbucks--i could hardly bear the sight of them. lately i've seen some stylish gals rocking khakis, so i thought i'd give them another chance.

i found a pair for only $12 online, and bit the bullet. when they arrived i actually cringed when i first put them on. i was thisclose to returning them ($12 is $12) but on sunday morning i was rushing around, trying to figure out something to wear to church and couldn't find any clean pants that didn't have holes in them. (geez, i sound like a frat boy!) so, i put on the khaki pants and, when they didn't make me gag, i decided to make 'em work.
top: target
scarf: old navy
pants: old navy
shoes: target

ew, avert your eyes from the dirty frat house floor.

after church i was freezing and changed into an outfit that felt much more "me": slouchy, comfy and slightly-disheveled.
(ugh. i really am a frat boy! totally explains my taste for beer and dirty jokes.)
sweater: old navy
patent loafers: payless

i'm not sure these khakis will be seeing a lot of outfit action, but i guess i'm glad i gave them a second chance! what's something you refuse to wear?


  1. Jill GGs rocking the khakis today too! you're look so stylish no matter what you throw on!

    p.s. sunday mornings are my WORST time to find a cute outfit. what's up with that anyway?

  2. I think the khakis look great on you! I love both outfits! Really cute.

    Come enter my Shabby Apple dress giveaway just in time for holiday parties season!

  3. cute! is that blouse a recent purchase? because i want it! i refuse to wear black shoes...it's silly but for some reason they make me feel like a witch!

  4. Love this look! I am totally (and hesitantly!) wearing khaki's on my blog today too! We are too similar :) I love your khaki's with the flowy top, takes away some of the "seriousness" of the look!

  5. You totally work this! That top outfit is really, really cute, especially those shoes!

    I have a really hard time with stripes. I don't know what it is about them... but I just cringe. I recently bought my 4th striped shirt, so maybe I'm warming up a bit.

  6. First off, Manda you cracked me up (and me either!).

    Second, I LOVE YOUR HAIR!!! I may need to get me some bangs...

    I'm not a big khakis person either.

    But I absolutely refuse to wear high heels. I'm too tall.

  7. I am obsessed with your khakis! It looks so good on you.


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