Saturday, December 31, 2011

wear: new year's decisions.

i'm taking a little poll over on my instagram and i thought i should include you guys in on the vote! 
no, we're not talking caucuses (ronpaul2012!!!), just clothes. 
i'm debating between these two outfits for tonight... 
old navy dress/f21 necklace/j.crew belt

old navy dress/bcbg skirt/gifted necklace

i love option A because i just love that bright blue color. plus the necklace is kind of amazing. but, i don't have shoes that go really well with it and i'm not really in the mood to shop today. i love outfit B because, well, it's not every day you get to wear a gold skirt! plus, no shopping required.
what's your vote?

have a safe & happy new year!


  1. You know my vote! B all the way! Gold looks good on you, plus you don't get to wear gold every day!

  2. You could totally wear black shoes with outfit A (black and bright blue is a killer combo!) - but you are totally right about the gold skirt! Perfect for NYE!

  3. Def B! For B :) Love the black and gold totally says NEW YEARS :) Love you have fun!

  4. Definitely B!

    I bought that blue dress and I really loved it, but wow it is sooo short on me and I'm not tall (5'4"). I decided to return it. Really wish it was longer.

  5. The blue is pretty fantastic, but...I hear ya on the gold skirt business... go for B!

    happy new year!

  6. Not that my vote probably counts at this hour, but I say B!

  7. oh tough one - but i love that gold skirt! so i'd say B (even if it's after new year's!). hehe. happy new year!

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