Wednesday, December 14, 2011

wear: glitter girl.

i was excited about dressing up for the glitter party, until i started shopping. it was actually really hard to find something that didn't look too cheap, wasn't too expensive, and was also wearable. plus, i was hesitant to spend money on something i potentially wouldn't wear ever again.
like these crazy-amazing shoes i found and fell instantly in lust with...

(no, it wasn't love. it was unhealthy.)

the night before the party (after our visit to santa), piper and i went to track down some sparkle while mr. a and quinny went to buy some bullets. (yep.) piper is at the age where she can actually be really fun to shop with and we had so much fun. we went to forever21 (duh) and they had so much sparkle to choose from! i tried on sparkly dresses, sparkly pants, sparkly shirts, sparkly jackets, and even sparkly gym shorts! (<---truth.)

i was super-tempted to take home this fringed skirt...
it was so swingy and fun! the best dancing skirt ever. unfortunately it was a wee bit snug and, as much as i loved it, it's not fun to dance when you're trying to suck in your muffin top.

i ended up finding a black & gold top that i will totally wear again. it was sparkly and pretty and fun for dancing because it was loose and flowy with an assymetrical hem.
i also found this cool, wrapped-chain necklace.
(f21 had tons of cool inexpensive necklaces, by the way.)
i spent $4 on glittery gold eyeliner that proved to be the best purchase of all. i mmmiiiiight have even told mr.a, "i want to wear glitter every day!!!"
it was really fun.

cardigan: j.crew
necklace & top: forever 21
black pants: gap
booties: aldo via plato's closet
glitter eyeliner: hot topic (ha!)

oh, and since sweet kelsey asked: "glitter is the herpes of the craft world!"
(as in: once you get it, you can't get rid of it. ;)


  1. gorgeous cardigan!!

  2. I had this same issue when I was looking for a dress for vegas... I wanted it to be sassy and fun, but not cheap! So I had to forgo the sequins in the end! You look fab... and this top will def get more wear. CUTE!

  3. "glitter is the herpes of the craft world!"

    amen to that. my students are making things for our upcoming holiday program and the glitter has just been madness... you find it EVERYWHERE!


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