Friday, December 16, 2011

wear: filmed.

for yesterday's style challenge i wanted to wear something relatively "easy" since i knew i'd be moving around a lot. black seemed like an ideal choice for being on camera. those added ten pounds can be brutal! ha. kidding. the bright pink scarf helped bring in some color and (obviously) keep me warm! i had planned to wear a necklace, but since i had the scarf on, i ended up just wrapping it around my wrist as a bracelet.  
leather jacket: bb dakota
scarf: target
dress: french connection
tights: target
flats: banana republic
necklace as bracelet: charlotte russe
*excuse the iPhone pictures--my camera battery died mid-way through our video shoot.
of course.


  1. love your flats and scarf, you look adorable!

  2. So glad you did this! I watched the video and was like what a cute outfit, but I couldn't see your shoes! Love them!

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