Thursday, December 22, 2011

see: style challenge no.3

for the third installment of the abc family jane by design style challenge, we were asked to choose a purse from our own closets that represents our personalities. my mind immediately went to this vibrant clutch that i bought a few years ago from forever 21. starting with the very circumstances under which it was purchased--this purse represents me on several levels.

1. impulsive: i purchased this purse without really thinking much about it. i remember it caught my eye and i hesitated for a moment before throwing it on my pile at check-out. in my "younger years" i wasted a lot of time being insecure and second-guessing myself, but as i'm getting a little older, i'm finally learning to trust my gut and it's starting to pay off. this little purse is a tangible reminder of that.

2. thrifty: i only own one "designer" purse and it was a christmas gift from my mom and sister. (they got it for a mega steal from an outlet mall.) anyway, designer clothes, shoes and accessories aren't in my budget, but i've found a little creativity and a good eye can go a long way in putting together outfits that are stylish and still budget-friendly. (p.s. i paid less than $15 for this purse.)

3. colorful: whether referring to my personality or occasional choice in language, "colorful" is a word i would likely use to describe myself. i love to laugh, have fun and see people smile. i'm an extrovert through and through, and meeting new people is one of my favorite things. i love all the colors in this purse and i always enjoy pairing it with other bright spots in my wardrobe.

4. compact: i used to be a "big purse" carrier (olsen twin style), but now that my purses aren't doubling as diaper bags, i love carrying a compact clutch or little wristlet that just holds the bare necessities. this has carried over into other areas as i've recognized my distaste for clutter at home and in my daily life. i'm by no means a neat-freak, but i definitely feel a sense of peace when "everything has a place, and everything is in its place." that has lead to some major purges in my closet, my home and even my schedule.
(next i'm going to tackle my facebook page!)

5. unexpected: though i don't love clutter, i do love pattern! i like mixing prints and finding unexpected pairs that just... work. i love wearing this purse with other bright colors and complementary patterns. in a way, this is also true to my life. i don't always have a plan, but when i'm open to the unexpected, it seems like things often just... work!

in this clip from jane by design, jane's boss says that a handbag tells the world who you are. do you have a bag that represents more than just your personal style? upload a picture of it here and mention the daily be!

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