Sunday, December 04, 2011


last week i joined several friends for badowers' holiday party. badowers is a local gentlemen's clothing store. they have been a des moines staple for over fifty years. they have a very cool, careful selection of men's casual and dress clothing. in my opinion, the badowers vibe is a combination of scott schuman and nick wooster*; stylish yet masculine. i love the stiff denim, rugged boots and soft flannel shirts that somehow don't come off as sloppy. the badowers price point certainly places these pieces into the "investment" category, however, i overheard a sharply-dressed guy at the party saying, "i know it's expensive, but it forces me to save up for things i really love and keeps me from buying cheap crap." certainly a wise way to shop for anything.**  

back to the party...
they had a great dj, free food/drinks and were hosting some really good giveaways, any one of which would have been reason enough for me to be there. but what i really love about events like this, is seeing what everyone is wearing!  as a certain writer once noted (and was then lambasted for), iowa isn't always known for its fashion sense. but the crowd at badowers looked great. there were lots of well-dressed women, but that evening it was all about the men and they didn't disappoint.
(except for a certain sweater that garnered a bit of attention [see below]. but, its owner had just returned from a cross-country adventure which seems to justify unruly hair and ugly thrift-store sweaters. no worries, he's a friend and i made sure to tell him that he was wearing the ugliest sweater i'd ever seen. honesty is the best policy... right?)

i wore a not-ugly thrift store sweater, dressed it down with slouchy boyfriend jeans and topped it off with my favorite tweed blazer in hopes of fitting in with the menswear experts at the store.
jacket: j.crew
cardigan: j.crew, thrifted***
slouchy tee: forever 21
belt: j.crew
jeans: joe's, thrifted
flats: target 

we all had a great time and no one seemed to mind when the party moved across the street to a slightly less-fashionable des moines staple: the alpine.

*two of my favorite male bloggers, the and, respectively.
**dually-noting he said, " up for things" versus "...throw it on my credit card."
***samantha recently asked about my favorite thrifting spots in des moines. my number one is definitely worn on 42nd street. they have a nice selection of higher-end brands. i also consign a lot of my clothes there. it's a well-organized place both in merchandising and policies. (if you've ever consigned clothes, you know it can be a frustrating process if the store doesn't have their act together.)


  1. I love Worn! Great minds think alike!


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