Wednesday, December 14, 2011

do: sparkle on.

on saturday night my friend, sarah, threw a party to celebrate her birthday. she always throws the best parties--great music, decor, and there's always a theme. this year it was glitter!!!
hours were spent sparkling up the place and i'm pretty sure they'll be finding glitter there for years to come.  
it was a little more challenging for the boys to dress for the theme, but some of them got pretty creative. our friend reese actually made a necklace out of the soundtrack to mariah carey's cinematic debut, glitter. hilarious.
the girls, on the other hand, all looked fabulous and sparkly!

glitter eyes & glitter beard:

the birthday girl (aka: glitter queen):

despite a little drama with the building manager, it was a fantastic party. everyone had a blast and we danced our glittery butts off. four days later and i'm still finding glitter in my eyelashes, but that's to be expected.
you know what they say about glitter....*

*and if you don't, just ask.


  1. what do they say about glitter? i feel so out of it... :)

  2. Your face looks flawless in the picture with your glitter beard friend! What foundation/powder/blush do you use?!

  3. wow! thanks chelsea! sadly, it's far from flawless--it's definitely the makeup. i use arbonne's mineral powder foundation & concealer. it is THE BEST. (imho.)

  4. i think i'm vicariously living a fun social life through your blog -- you attend the coolest parties! my son recently dumped a whole jar of glitter in our kitchen, so i will be having glitter parties for the next year! (love-love your bangs!!!!)


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