Monday, December 12, 2011

do: ol' saint nick.

on friday night we took the girls to see santa claus and i have to say, our santa is officially the cutest santa in the whole world. (errr, the only santa...right? #gladmykidscantread.) he has a real beard and the sweetest eyes. he really does look like a jolly old elf! and did you know santa has a southern drawl?! well, he does. i think he winters in alabama once the christmas season is over.  

somewhere i missed the memo that children are supposed to wear red velvet dresses and black patent shoes to meet santa, so our kids were a little under-dressed.
(okay, they looked like total ragamuffins. whatevs.)
piper told santa she wanted a play-doh cookie maker and quinn didn't tell santa anything so he told her he'd bring her a surprise toy.  

if you don't want to pay for prints, they make you stand really far away to take your own pictures. i actually considered buying one until i found out the cheapest package was $23!
so... i stood really far away and took my own pictures.

the next day, while we were driving to school, piper said, "i just can't wait til santa brings my play-doh cookie maker." and quinn chimed in with her sweet little voice, "i just can't wait til santa brings my surprise present!"

there's just so much to smile about during this season.


  1. great post! those photos are so adorable!

  2. ohhh these pics are JUST SOOOO CUTE!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE em! And I dig Santa's socks!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  3. Ha! I don't dress my kids up for a visit to Santa... so we'd be in the same boat. :)

  4. Next year go to Bass Pro Shop in Altoona! The Santa is awesome and they let you take your own pictures AND give you a free picture with Santa.


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