Friday, December 02, 2011

do: the change-up.

did you know i've been writing on this blogspot for almost four years now?! when i first started this blog, it was just a place for the occasional rant, anecdote or random thought. i didn't tell anyone that i was starting a blog (except maybe mr.a) and i didn't have any expectation that anyone would ever read it. seriously.

eventually, a couple people discovered it (i think meredith was my first follower!) but even after months of writing, i hadn't even told my own sister! she found out from someone else! i was actually kind of embarassed to talk about it and felt really awkward anytime someone asked me about it. i've finally gotten to the place where i don't immediately stutter and stare at my feet when someone asks me about it, and it's really cool to me that all you guys actually care to read what i have to say.
unfortunately, my blog title has always annoyed me and the url is way too long to repeat to anyone. (can any of you actually remember all those words in the correct order? problynot.) i feel like the cumbersome title is a bit of a hindrance to the blog and i've been itching to change it. (case in point, last night i was introduced to someone and my blog was mentioned. he asked what the name was and i didn't even bother telling him. i just wrote it down.)

anyway, after four years i think this little lady deserves a bit of a nip/tuck. i'll still be posting about the things i do/think/wear/see/love/and dream, but they will be under the big-girl-panty name of...
 the daily be.
my family and close friends have always called me Bee, and my twitter/pinterest/instagram username is BeArganbright, so i felt like it was fitting. i decided to just go all out and purchase a domain, so it may screw everybody up, but you'll have to find me at from now on.

i hope i don't lose any of you. i know it's a pain to change your bookmark or reader or whatever you do to find me, but in the long run--i think this is a good thing! forgive me for any glitchy things that occur over the next week or so. i'm sooo bad with anything tech-related so i hope you'll hang in there with me!

and if you don't, i'll just post pictures of ryan gosling every day to win back your love and devotion!


  1. cute new name and you had me at ryan gosling...seriously so freaking cute!

  2. I have the name memorized. It was the first ever blog I read or followed for that matter. At first I would Google any combo of words to find you: wear like do things; think eat love; love pray wear food.... finally I just memorized do think wear see love dream :)

  3. cool -- i'll be following you! ryan was never on my 'hot list,' but this pic proves otherwise - whoa!

  4. Can't you just have your old blogspot account linked to your new blog? I'm about 98% sure you can, I just don't know how it's done. Other blogs I've followed have been able to do it. Anyway, worth looking into!

  5. i can't seem to get over to your new blog...? is it still a-coming?

  6. yum, ryan. merry christmas to us... :)

    Congrats on your big girl, awkward--but you know what I mean.


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