Wednesday, November 09, 2011

wear: work it wednesday.

i haven't joined in on work it wednesday for a while, so today i thought i'd highlight one of my favorite things in my closet: The Vest.
i mentioned in another post that it's very rare for me to pay full-price for clothing unless i'm at forever21 or some other cheap spot. but this vest was not only a gift (that i picked out for myself with a gift card), i consider it an investment. (jon, if you're reading this, don't laugh. i know how you feel about "investing" money into clothing. ha! )
i knew i'd be able to wear this year round with countless outfits.

so far, i feel like it has lived up to my expectations.

this summer i wore it to an outdoor music festival...

and a night of dancing...

this fall i wore it casually...

and a little bit dressy...

and lately i've worn it cozy...

and layered...

i can't wait to wear it with a long-sleeved, striped dress hanging in my closet and i think it'd look really cute with wedge booties and a maxi skirt, too! (<---inspired by jill's work it wednesday post today!)


  1. gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous... I'm so jeal of your hair right now, just cut mine and missing my locks already (it was only like 4 inches... I'm a little over-dramatic).

  2. girl, you are so good at layering. you inspire me (seriously!). love this vest and love these looks, the red floral scarf ensemble is SO pretty.

  3. Nice inVESTment. Yes. I just went there. Play on words totally intended.

  4. you look adorable, i love all of the ways you have worn the vest!

  5. I just love the style of your vest! And you really are getting a lot out of it-great styling!

  6. Such a great vest - where did you get it???? I love how versatile it is and how you styled it : )

  7. Love your vest! Can't believe how versatile it is.

  8. I love how you made this vest look cute and charming and feminine even if it's a army vest style. I need a vest too now! Hehe!

  9. I love your jacket too! It is nice to see it used in so many different ways.


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