Monday, November 28, 2011

wear: trend trifecta.

this weekend we gathered at our friend shannon's place for some cocktails and hors d'oeuvres before going out for a little dancing.

my erika was in town for the weekend.
we always have so much fun together and she fits right in with all of our friends.

don't worry, they didn't really wear their shirts like that.

i was feeling a bit of a hippie vibe and tripled up on trends,
wearing a (faux) fur vest, lace top, and rust-colored pants...

i felt like it was a fun outfit and perfect for a chilly night out.
vest: bcbg, thrifted
top: forever 21
 nude tank: j.crew
pants: heritage
boots: sundance


  1. REALLY cute outfit! :) Love the lace details on the top.. and the vest is the perfect finishing top

  2. adorable outfit! love the vest!!

  3. HA! You know Lance Deihl?! I went to high school with him! :)

  4. @jessica: what a small world! we actually met when he rescued my hair after a little "incident" and we hit it off! he and my good friend joey work together.

  5. I just have to know the details on that lace blouse! I searched F21 and couldn't find it! It's adorable! Is it a new item? Do tell:)

  6. the lace and fur look AWESOME together! i'd deem the three trends outfit a SUCCESS!

    dash dot dotty

  7. I love this outfit! and i love love love that lace shirt. I
    say the trend trifecta was a success!


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