Wednesday, November 30, 2011

wear: plaid, checks, polka-dots, stripes.

i'm assuming that only people with kids under the age of five will have any idea where that title comes from. and if you do, my apologies for getting that song stuck in your head. if you're observant you might notice that this outfit is over a week old. (can you figure out why?) it was a morning that the girls and i treated ourselves to a little breakfast date while mr.a was working. on the weekend. again.
i didn't really intend to overdose on pattern, but once i got started i just couldn't stop! i suppose there are worse vices than pattern, and i have at least two.

okay three.

sweater: j.crew

scarf: old navy

flats: dsw

jacket: gap

pants: gap


  1. Love the sweater, and i also love piper's pose behind you..

  2. oh my gosh your (hair!!!) buns always look the best! how do you do make them so poufy and perfect??!

  3. I love your pattern overdose!

  4. kinda random, but love your rug! where is it from?

  5. Sssooooo cute ...ur hair makes it a total package ;) L.O.V.E.


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