Wednesday, November 16, 2011

wear: the day after.

thank-you all for your encouraging comments on yesterday's rambler. i hope i wasn't whining. between the two year old and the four year old, i hear a lot of whining throughout the day, and sometimes i just need to whine back a little bit. getting that post out of my head really helped, and i went on to have a positive and productive day that even included (as piper would say) a
"teensy-weensy-beensy" bit of retail therapy.  
a few days ago i pinned* this great dress from old navy that seemed like the perfect lbd, so i went to see if our local store had it. they did, and it is indeed the perfect lbd. (at least for me.) it's very basic and i've already pictured wearing it ten different ways. (<---that's a lie i just told for the sake of the sentence. i only pictured wearing it 3 different ways, but i know there are at least 7 more ways to wear it.) while i was there i just happened to see this sweater in my favorite shade of blue. and it just happened to be $5 off plus another 10% off. and the checkout guy told me i could come back during black friday and they would price-adjust it for me in case it gets marked down further. score.
besides my old navy stop i also paid my utility bill, went grocery shopping, totally re-organized my closet (including transferring out summer clothes), made a legit dinner, made thanksgiving plans, put away a ton of laundry, checked off one e-mail response and watched the new girl. (i'm loving that show. and i love justin long.)

above: quinn taking a moment to whine at me. yeah that's a fake smile.

sweater: old navy
scarf: old navy
tank: liz lange
(ha! i swear i'm not pregnant.)
black jeans: gap
moccasins: minnetonka
sunglasses: ray ban

*i finally figured out pinterest! and i love it! i'm not out-of-control addicted (yet), but it's really fun and such a good way to bookmark all that internet-y goodness out there. if i was savvy enough, i'd add a button on the sidebar of my blog. but since i don't know how to do that, here's where you can find me outside of dtwsld:
instagram: @bearganbright


  1. I still don't fully get the Pinterest stuff (blogged about it twice in this week), but I did just add a fancy schmancy button for it to my blog. It's pretty simple to do, if you feel so inclined. Go under About and you should see a link for the Pin It Button.

  2. work it girl! this color blue looks SO fab on you!

  3. you look gorgeous! that color blue looks great on you.

  4. Love that sweater! You should still do a posting on self tanning lotion! You always look so tan, and i know it's not always the sun ;) ;)

  5. Everything you wear is adorable! You just can't help it can you!? :P

  6. Hi pretty lady! That blue is GORGEOUS on you!

    I just read yesterday's post and wanted to chime in and tell you to hang in there! I don't know if this is something you already do, but sometimes when I have a million things swirling around in my head it helps me to make a list and cross things off. It gives me a sense of accomplishment or something and It helps that overwhelmed feeling. ;) Anyway, retail therapy is just as good if not better!

    Also, thank you for getting back to me about your sunglasses. You were a HUGE help!! :)

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